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. Hotel Giant™ fans will enjoy Hotel Giant DS™ too!

After the big success of the first edition on PC, you will enjoy taking care of your hotel empire everywhere you go with your Nintendo DS! This adaptation of the PC best seller is even more entertaining, immersive, and takes hotel management to another level.

. Hotel Giant™ DS is a perfect adaptation of the Hotel Giant concept!

Specially developed for the Nintendo DS, Hotel Giant DS can be played entirely with the stylus, and it’s easy to get into with its straightforward interface! You can interact when you want in real time!

TITLE: Mushroom Men – Rise of the Fungi
DEVELOPER: Red Fly Studio
GENRE: Action Adventure
RELEASE DATE: November, 2008

DS Weapon Feature
Week 1

In order to survive in the world of Mushroom Men, players must concoct grand scale weapons out of mere knickknacks. The arsenal is entirely based on how creative players can get. But modifying flimsy weapons such as sticks, batteries and nails into deadly creations is only a fraction of the arsenal at the player’s disposal. The most valuable armaments will be fusions between multiple weapons already in possession. As a result of the wide range of weapons that can be created in Mushroom Men, players must choose one of three classes which will determine which weapon types they will specialize in, based on their class’ fighting style.

There are three main classes in Mushroom Men: Sage, Scout, and Heavy. Sage specializes in Spore powers. Spore powers are magical skills that give wielders the power to move inanimate objects and attack enemies, among other abilities. However, Sages are very weak at hand-to-hand and ranged combat, leaving them almost completely dependent on their powerful but limited magical abilities. Scouts are expert ranged attackers. However, their agility and attack accuracy only benefit them at a distance from enemies. Once in close range, Scouts are quickly overwhelmed by moderate to large numbers of attackers. The Heavy class excels in melee combat, relying on their brute strength to quickly overtake opponents in tight-quarter battles. Unfortunately, their brawn also makes them very slow fighter, making them easy prey for large groups of well-equipped opponents.

Ninokuni trailer

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A – Decide
B – Cancel
Dash Nunchuk Z button
On ground – button ? Underwater – Dash
1 – Use Item (maybe a shorcut to use selected items)
2 – Menu
– Button – Change map size
+ Button – Signal

Use Items
– Hold C button and press A to use. Scroll left or right should be using the directional pad on the wiiremote

– Rotate camera using Wiiremote directional pad
– Reset camera C button on Nunchuk

– A or shake nunchuk to dig, pick, etc

Basic Actions On Ground
– B button to stand or crouch
– Dash + B button to evade

Basic Action Underwater
– While moving + B button to evade
– Hold wiiremote straight up + B to swim upwards
– B to swim downwards

+ button draw/keep weapons or Shake remote to draw
– While moving shake remote/+ button to draw attack
– Press A button to attack, and twist Wii remote to change directions of attack
– Z + – button = Special attack?

Big Sword
A – Attack
B – Evade
Z – Guard

a) On Ground
– Wii remote flat + A = Slash
– Wii remote twist left/right = Different directional attack
– 3 hit combo = Wiremote flat + A X 3 or shake X 3 (See video for more details)
– Charge attack = hold A
– Plus one action which I dunno what it is

b) Under Water
– Same except no 3 Hit combo

Small Sword
A – Attack
B – Evade
Z – Guard

a) On Ground
– Wii remote flat + A X 3 = Attack A
– Wii remote twist left/right + A X 2 = Different directional attack
– During combo, press a direction on the analog + A for a Swing attack
– Button = Swing attack
– Button while moving = Up attack
– Jump Attack = Shake Wiiremote or hold wiiremote straight up + A -> A to connect combos

b) Under Water
– Same with only no up attack and attack 3 cannot press A twice.

A – Attack
B – Evade
Z – Charge

a) On Ground/Under water
– Z + analog to move around during charge
– Let go of charge Z for a charge attack (3 Levels)
– Z + 1 Button = Draw weapon + Charge
– Hammer swing = Charge to Max + time A button for different attacks
– Wii remote flat + A X 3 = 3 Hit combo
– Wii remote twist left/right + A = Different directional attack

Light/Heavy Bowguns (No IR pointing:()
A – Attack
B – Evade
– Button = Reload
Shake Remote = Draw Weapon
+ Button = Keep Weapon
Z – Click = Scope/Dot Sight Mode(?)

a) Scope Mode
– Analog to aim
– D pad Up = Zoom In
– D pad down = Zoom Out
– B scope cancel evade

b) Dot sight mode (?)
– Wiiremote dpad to aim

A few days ago, Nintendo released Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS handheld console. When I had no clue what type of game it would be, I decided I would actually take the time to check it out. So, I started reading a lot of Nintendo websites, including Nintendo Everything and was surprised to see no review of the game! Of course, I know most Nintendo websites on the Internet are pretty much news reporting websites, some reviewing games that are supposed to be big, but really…what’s not so big about Kirby?! Okay, okay; sure, he’s a little pink puff ball, but IGN gave this SNES remake a 7.9. Only a 7.9?! Totally underrated.

Why? Well, I’ll tell you why. I’m actually a big classic Nintendo fan. Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby; whoever the classic Nintendo character is, I’m totally a fan of it. I haven’t seen a good Kirby game in ages since the last N64 Kirby game. So, let me tell you, I was pretty excited that a Kirby game was released on the DS. Sure, there has been racing Kirby games and what not, but really, that’s not the real adventurous Kirby that I know and love!

So, after reading a couple reviews on the game and stopping by my local video game vendor, I totally realized that this game is an old school, retro game of a SNES Kirby game! Ever heard of Kirby Super Star?! It has 8 games in one! YES. YES, I SAID IT. EIGHT GAMES IN 1! Really. Really, really.

Now, I know a lot of Nintendo fans and video game fans and I totally never heard anyone talk about this classic game; and if you haven’t got the point that I’m surprised by this, then really, I don’t know what else to say besides say, “I am surprised!” AGAIN.

I remember playing Kirby Super Star on my Super Nintendo with my cousins when I was a kid. It’s seriously one of the best games for the Super Nintendo and I really, really enjoyed it. Sure, maybe not all the eight games that come within the overall game are awesome, but the majority of them are pretty fun and hard. I think half of the games within the game are just challenges and event type of games which test how fast you are and how smart you think. Though, the game modes that are adventurous are pretty amazing. If you’re a fan of Kirby64, The Crystal Shards, then you will def. love this 2D platformer.

The best part of both the SNES Kirby Super Super Star and the DS Kirby Super Star Ultra is the fact that Kirby has so many powers that you won’t know what to pick. Like I said, if you like Kirby64, then you remember the fun powers you could use to go through the game. Just imagine doubling, maybe even tripling the powers of that game, hell, I can even say go four times the powers and safely state that there’s that many powers! That was the best part of Kirby, he could go on and on with the amount of powers he had and none of them ever got old! The DS version Kirby Super Star Ultra is a remake which kept those many powers to help Kirby on his many adventures. Although, what kind of adventures can Nintendo possibly create for Kirby? Well, going after King DeDeDe and Meta Knight are def. the many unforgettable battles that I can think of. Especially all their baddies whom you battle throughout your adventure. I’m sure I can list all of them, but you know, that takes out the excitement of you wanting to play the game!

I know there are a lot of people who play any of the Super Smash Brothers games for whatever console they like, but Kirby really, really is underrated in those games. Especially with these new Kirby games which don’t even keeps the full potential of Kirby being a major game character in the Nintendo world! Though, I can say, if you love Kirby from how he is presented now, then you will seriously fall in love with the retro Kirby.

I can promise you among the many, many powers that Kirby has, there is also many games modes, game styles, and an overall amount of characters and stories which will keep you playing the game for hours and hours. It’s really a fun, great adventure. There’s also a load of secrets which you will be dying to find out throughout the game. Don’t worry; I’ll shhh so you can find out what they are!

So, what’s the difference between the SNES and the DS remake? Well, there’s not much. They upped the color of the game. The graphics are a lot better than what there were back in the day (duh!). If you like happy hardcore music, then you will rock out to just listening to the game as you play it. And really, whether it’s the SNES or DS Kirby, they both have awesome music. Sure, maybe not as good as Gusty Gardens from Super Mario Galaxy, but almost! The difficulty of the game isn’t too bad. It’s actually fairly simple, but it’s long and challenging at some parts. You really have to have good timing because Kirby is easily pushed around in the game. Though, don’t fear! You have a “helper” who will keep you in order. Oh, oh! I won’t give more information away on that so you can figure it out for yourself! I guess the best part is the fact that you can really make more out of the game with the amazing Kirby powers; like…just playing around with them and causing things to happen. But, as I said, the game isn’t too hard (even though it seemed really, really hard when I was younger). Now, there might not be a huge difference compared to the Mario remake for the DS, but it’s just a semi-ported game because I guess the original SNES version never became popular. Though, really…Nintendo wouldn’t release a DS version if they didn’t think it would be worth it. And really, it is worth it.

Really, I could go on and on for awhile, typing what I think of this classic game, but real Kirby fans will know and remember. It’s been a decade, maybe even longer since a lot of us have seen a REAL Kirby game and I promise, this game is def. not one to upset you. Please, please; try the game, look at screenshots and/or videos and experience how Kirby really is. You will fall in love with Kirby and I’m sure maybe Nintendo might notice once again how much potential Kirby has.

Go buy and try Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS! Experience the awesome, real puffy pink experience today!

I don’t know what to rate it, but I surely will rate that it won’t keep you bored and unhappy! It will satisfy your need and urge for a good Nintendo game.

As Malinko already mentioned, I’ll be gone for a few hours. Until then, he will be doing his best to provide you guys with the latest Nintendo updates. Malinko is new to the whole posting process on the website, so make sure you cut him a bit of slack! When I return, I’ll make sure to post on whatever news is missed. See you folks tomorrow!

Capcom has provided a comment regarding the recent rumors on the likelihood of a SEGA vs. Capcom game. However, keep in mind that these words are on general terms, as the comments – believe it or not – came just a few short days before the rumor popped up.

“One never knows. We have a lot on our plates at the moment with SSF2THDR, SF4 and TvC on the fighting front. We’ll see what happens down the line.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

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