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Swords & Soldiers trailers

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., (March 3, 2009) – Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced The Munchables an entertaining romp into a colorful and delicious action adventure for Wii. Exploring rich and vibrant environments, players will devour delectable enemies as they guide their quirky heroes in this zany alien munching mash-up filled with fun and addictive gameplay. The Munchables will chomp its way to stores this May.

“NAMCO BANDAI Games is thrilled to provide such a fun and exciting addition to the vast library of quality Wii titles,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing and public relations for NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. “With colorful characters and eye-popping worlds, The Munchables will delight players of all ages.”

– It’s a remake
– Visuals are completely 2D
– Looks very good graphically
– Will be a retail game
– WayForward is the developer

Source 1, Source 2

“The original Excite Truck stood out from the crowd because of the unlikeliness of trying crazy tricks with regular trucks that you might see every day. This time, we’re bringing every more insane stunts and tricks. However, when we raced the new tracks with the trucks, we felt that the two elements didn’t match up quite as well as we hoped, and we couldn’t get immersed int he game like we wanted to. So, we really wanted to create an offbeat, unconventional design that no one would find anywhere else and would fit with the wacky action. That’s how we came up with the robot critters.” – Excitebots developers

I don’t really mind that the trucks have been replaced. Based on the information provided thus far, the game is still very similar to its predecessor…Which is great!

Details come from the latest Nintendo Power…

– Monster Games confirmed to be working on the project
– Everything fans loved about the first game returns in Excitebots (except for bikes) and “has been taken to a new level”
– Rank determined by points earned from stunts + finishing position
– Timed boost can send you flying over a good portion of the track
– Execute Air Spins in clouds/drifting and smashing into other bots to earn more points
– Gameplay elements aren’t impacted by change to robots
– Insects + animals: Ladybug, beetle, grasshopper, bat, frog, turtle, mouse, mantis
– Each bot drives differently + have varied weights
– Bots can transform for a short time and run on to legs
– Hold Wii controller sideways, buttons facing up, tilt either side up or down to turn left or right
– Twist Wii remote towards/away from you to angle bot in midair

A Boy and His Blob is finally seeing a revival on Nintendo’s console. Nintendo Power confirmed in its April 2009 edition that a new game is in development for the Wii.

Here’s a summary of what Nintendo Power says about the game:

“Remember A Boy and His Blob on NES? Then you’re old! But this reinvention of the property on Wii is simply stunning.”

Acclaimed Adaptation of PopCap’s Mega-Hit Comes to Nintendo’s Market-Leading Handheld

SEATTLE, Washington – March 3, 2009 — PopCap Games Inc., the leading developer and publisher of casual video games, today announced the launch of Peggle™ Dual Shot for Nintendo DS®. This highly acclaimed adaptation, which just received IGN’s Editor’s Choice Award, was developed in conjunction with famed Japanese development studio Q Entertainment. Featuring 120 mind-bending levels, including ten all-new “Q”-created levels exclusive to the DS version, 90 challenges, and hundreds of hours of gameplay entertainment, Peggle Dual Shot is now available nationwide at every major retailer that carries video games for an MSRP of US$29.95.

“PopCap is best known for its addictive, top-selling PC titles, but with the launch of Peggle Dual Shot for DS we’ve now cemented our position as a leading provider in the console market with a title that sets new standards for handheld video gaming,” noted Greg Canessa, VP of video game platforms. “We’ve totally optimized Peggle for the DS, and seriously packed it with an unprecedented amount of gameplay and exclusive content that appeals as much to hardcore players as it does to the traditional ‘casual’ audience. It’s a true cross-over title with nearly unlimited entertainment value.”

As you can see, we’ve changed our video player again. Uploading files to the server just takes up too much space and this player allows for embedding.

“You can’t ignore Wii, but it’s bewildering watching what other publishers are doing. Codemasters has taken a more cautious strategy on Wii which has been the right thing to do. We are not going to make cheap, crappy ports. DIRT on Wii, for instance, is not Mario Kart. Overlord 2 is a gamer’s game. We’re not planning to compete in this ‘big head sports arena’ that everyone is obsessed with – the shelves are cluttered with those games. What you’ll see from us is quality games for gamers built for the Wii.” – VP Alex Bertie

It’s good to see than more developers such as Codemasters are taking the Wii more seriously. I think most Wii owners have had enough with cheap and crappy ports.