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We shared some of the first screenshots of Call of Duty 4 on Wii earlier today. Now some of the first details have been released.

– Gamescom version is “almost beta”
– Nothing was taken down from the original version, everything is included: every multiplayer map, every multiplayer mode, all the original AI in single mode, all campaign modes from PS360.
– DLC not included. Neither Wii Speak/Motionplus.
– One of the reasons they’re porting the game is to continue the evolution of Treyarch’s engine. Graphical improvements in some textures resolution, general performance, new particle effects. 30 fps.
– WaW connections numbers on Wii were over any expectation, and were a complete surprise, which is one of the reasons for this game/multi
– Online improvements: now up to 10 players, host migration and possibility to invite connected friends
– Dev team is similar to WaW’s: from 25 to 30 people
– IW’s role: Giving engine code last year, MW code now, and some supervision
– Controls: Everything is configurable, ala Conduit, in addition to being smoother and better. All parameters, new scope setting. Up to 6 presets: from “greenhorn” to “insane”
– Squad mate mode is back. Zapper also compatible with single player
– CG/VA/sound effects/ OST from PS360.


This information comes from a recent Radio-Blodec podcast. High Voltage Software’s Joshua Olson was asked about the other types of genres the company would be willing to explore, such as RPG or racing titles.

“The great thing about working at High Voltage is that we make a variety of games – shooters, games for kids. I personally would love to make a western RPG type game and so far and up until this point, that’s something that we haven’t done here at High Voltage.”


Hackers have been a pretty big concern for regular online players in The Conduit. One of the first exploits allowed a user to obtain infinite health/ammo, and that occurred only a few days after the game launch. Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten much better since then. However, it appears as though Nintendo is finally taking action to eliminate hackers.

An online hacker has taken a clear picture of an error message found when trying to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. A quick look up of the code shows that Nintendo is banning hackers for “unauthorized activity.” It’s great to see Nintendo moving in the right direction to protect their service, but hopefully these issues will become less problematic in the future.

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Konami unveils unique personal organiser based on ever-popular cartoon series
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced it will release Winx Club: Your Magic Universe, a stunning themed personal organiser for Nintendo DS, this September. The new release offers a clever taken on the hugely popular Winx Club series, and is certain to appeal to the series’ millions of ardent fans.

Winx Club: Your Magic Universe turns the user’s DS into a comprehensive diary/organizer, that is packed with fun sub-games and Winx Club secrets and information. Using the Enchantix characters from the third series of Winx Club, the easy to use organizer means users will never miss a birthday or important date ever again, and can access their complete friends list at the press of a button. Information on friends and personal information can also be stored, while the denizens of the Winx Club universe, their magical and amazing skills, are ever-present in the DS title’s menus and entertaining sub-games.

PES 2010 Wii screenshots

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This game will be launching on November 19 in Europe.

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Konami explores the dark side of the player’s mind by utilizing a new & innovative psychological profiling system in Silent Hill®: Shattered Memories
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released more details on the elaborate psychological profiling system at the heart of its new Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii, PlayStation®2 and PSP®(PlayStation®Portable).

While the new game borrows key plot and setting elements from the original PlayStation game, this re-imagining begins with a visit to a psychiatrist, who asks the player to answer a series of questions. From here on in, their every movement, reaction and response is monitored and the game tailored accordingly.

New Red Steel 2 footage

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– Play pool in a bar
– Jazz music
– Stage mode of sorts – play against 9 computer opponents
– Championship mode – Try to go through as many stages consecutively as you can
– Two player vs. mode, can be played with only 1 DSi
– Stylus control
– Releasing August 26
– 500 points