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NMag review scores

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Soul Calibur Legends – 6
Table Football – 3
Off Road – 3
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 – 7
Madden NFL 09 – 6
Obscure 2 – 5
Defend your Castle – 6
Strong Bad’s Episode 1 – 8


Madden NFL 09 – 4

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Demos (Expire 9/21)

Crosswords DS-Anagrams Demo
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Air Traffic Chaos
Arknoid DS

With gold medal fever still fresh in American viewers minds, Nintendo and Nickelodeon are giving fitness fans another heart-pumping event to cheer about. Olympic skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi will host the finals of the first-ever Wii Fit Family Challenge, a fun-packed competition in which three families will compete for the title of Wii Fit Fittest Family by proving their prowess at Nintendos innovative Wii Fit. Highlights from the Challenge will air on Oct. 9 on Nick at Nite, interspersed between its prime time programming.

The Wii Fit Family Challenge will feature teams twisting and tilting atop the motion-sensing Wii Balance Board in a series of aerobic, yoga, strength training and balancing activities. Finalists in this extraordinary competition have already been awarded a Wii video game system, Wii Fit software from Nintendo and a Nickelodeon expense-paid trip to Orlando for the Sept. 17 event taping.

The Nickelodeon Family Suites in Orlando, Fla., plays host to this entertaining and interactive fitness showdown, culminating in the crowning of the Wii Fit Fittest Family, wholl win a Nickelodeon and Nintendo grand prize package.

Nintendos Wii Fit has already sold more than 1.8 million units in the United States alone since its May 19 release. With the included Wii Balance Board accessory, the game lets every member of the household enjoy a personalized at-home workout, and track progress over time.

Wii-kly Update

Two WiiWare Games and One Virtual Console Game Added to Wii Shop Channel

Two is your lucky number at the Wii™ Shop Channel this week. You’ll find a pair of totally different yet equally awesome sequels on offer: the second installment in the outrageous Strong Bad game series on WiiWare™, and a memorable sequel from the classic Mega Man™ series on the Virtual Console™. Two is also the total number of WiiWare titles debuting this week, including an eye-popping new puzzle game that’s suitable for two players. And while it only takes one Wii™ console to access them, you’ll need two hands to applaud this ever-growing selection of great games.

Nintendo adds new and classic games to the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time every Monday. Wii owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week’s new games are:

Electronic Arts Inc. (”EA”) (NASDAQ:ERTS) today announced that while EA continues to have a high regard for Take-Two’s creative teams and products, after careful consideration, including a management presentation and review of other due diligence materials provided by Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (”Take-Two”) (NASDAQ:TTWO), EA has decided not to make a proposal to acquire Take-Two and has terminated discussions with Take-Two.

John Riccitiello, Chief Executive Officer of EA, said: “EA is tracking toward a record breaking year. We’re launching 15 new games including award-winners like SPORE, Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge, great new titles from the Sims, new family titles with Hasbro, and the highest quality slate of EA SPORTS titles on this generation of consoles. We’re also expanding beyond our core business with a series of direct-to-consumer launches including Warhammer Online.


This past Thursday, Capcom released a shareholder report. One of the more troubling entities which was identified revolved around mutliplatform and exclusive titles. “All major titles launched during the next fiscal year or thereafter will be developed as multi-platform games,” read the report. However, Capcom is now attempting to partially mitigate the damage that the financial report has caused.

“Relax. I think the materials pretty much speak for themselves and we’re continuing to support all consoles with appropriate content,” said Capcom’s Christian Svnesson over at Capcom-Unity. “It just means things that in the past would have been timed exclusives to a single platform will no longer be exclusive to a single platform. It’s just better business decisions at play. I don’t think fans have anything to worry about. That said, I know nothing I say will keep people from freaking out, screaming ‘the sky is falling, OMG!’ So feel free to carry on assuming the worst. I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do so.”

Bomberman Blast footage

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