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details roundup

– Can swing your hat in a circle, damaging any Goombas or Koopa Troopas in your perimeter
– Can throw it in different directions and even hold down your throw button to keep it hovering in the air for a few seconds so you can hop on it like a platform
– Each of the game’s kingdoms is large enough to fit multiple checkpoints
– Captain Toad can be found standing on a girder
– Every time you hit a checkpoint you can fast travel to it
– No lives or 1-ups
– When you die, you’ll lose coins.
– Development started right after 3D World shipped in 2013
– You can’t capture every enemy—just the special ones
– There are shops that sell outfits and other useful items, which you can buy with one of two types of coins
– There are the standard gold coins and then each kingdom has its own specific currency, represented by purple objects that change shape depending where you are
– Hat-throwing came from wanting to make a pleasing action, and flinging the hat felt fun with the Joy-Con

This information comes from director Kenta Motokura…

“We started the project by taking Super Mario’s theme of surprise and simply riffing on that to come up with things that were purely fun. The result of that was, the team just came up with a seemingly endless stream of fun prototypes. We wanted to use all of them, and so we thought sandbox spaces would be the best way to play all of those fun ideas.”

“By coming up with lots of different fun ideas and placing them all over these fun sandboxes, we were able to come up with stages of very high density gameplay elements. You’ll want to check behind every suspicious wall, jump up every cliff, kill every boss you find. Almost everything that draws the player’s attention could potentially reward them with a Power Moon.”

“The game is designed so you can explore and play without interruption. And no matter which Power Moons you collect, you’ll still be able to advance the story.”


Square Enix updated the official Dragon Quest XI website with new content pertaining to two specific aspects: the character Silvia and Samadhi Kingdom. Gematsu has the translated details and screenshots, which we’ve rounded up below.


– Traveling entertainer
– Lives a freewheeling life
– Always cheerful and positive
– Is the mood maker of the party
– He uses various weapons and skills that utilize the acrobatics he cultivated as a traveling entertainer
– His dream is to make people around the world smile through his own performances
– Silvia uses his versatility as a traveling entertainer
– Can equip one-handed swords, daggers, and whips, allowing him to change how he fights depending on the situation
– Can learn many spells and special skills that support his allies in various situations, making him as both an attacker and supporter
– Whip Weapon Special Skill: “Whip of Love”
– Dagger Weapon Special Skill: “Viper Fang”
– Silvia Spell: “Oomph”
– One-Handed Sword Weapon Special Skill: “Miracle Sword”
– Acrobatic Special Skill: “Killer Juggling”
– Feminine Special Skill: “Hustle Dance”

Samadhi Kingdom, the Country of Knights

– A kingdom that reigns over the desert
– Known as a historic country that values its chivalry, where many knights push themselves in training day in and day out in the castle
– Above all, it is common gossip that this country’s young prince is an exceptional knight
– In the town around the castle, there is a circus performance, horse races, and many people hustling and bustling about
– Inside the castle, which is built like a temple, many knights push themselves in training, and in the town around the castle, a large crowd can be seen around the circus tent

Members of the Japanese media were recently able to try out The Great Ace Attorney 2. Sites like Famitsu offer new details about the game’s second case, plus other tidbits from Capcom’s Motohide Eshiro. We’ve rounded everything up below, courtesy of Court-Records.

More Fire Emblem Warriors details are in from the latest issue of Famitsu. Serenes Forest went to the trouble of translating the extra information, which primarily covers the new characters and story plus some additional tidbits.

Here’s a summary:

Koei Tecmo and Gust issued a bunch of new content for Nights of Azure 2. Many details and screenshots are available, covering the demon Valderossa, more story elements, boss battles, cooperating with your Lily and subordinate demons, and developing your subordinate demons. We’ve rounded everything up below, courtesy of Gematsu.

This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a Splatoon 2 feature. Although it’s largely based on the information covered in the game’s trailer and recent tweets, there are some new tidbits.

Below are a few details we came across in the magazine about the Hero Mode campaign:

– Octarian’s world is more feminine than the past one in Splatoon
– Since there is an icon top right of the UI, there will be a Sunken Scrolls collection feature again
– Hero Suit can grow; the suit shown in screenshots are the level 1 form
– The machine gun-esque looking weapon is just called “Hero Shooter” in the Japanese version; it’s an orthodox, standard shooter
– Octolings might use different sub-weapon when they uses different main weapon (Octolings will use various weapons unlike the first Splatoon; Famitsu shows them using the Slosher and Blaster; each of those weapons might have different type of sub weapons)
– Usable special weapon differs by situation (this sounds like each stage or level will offer you different type of special weapon)
– Sheldon will bring you new weapons using his drone

Capcom has released the first trailer for Monster Hunter XX on Switch. We’ve gone ahead and posted it below.

Capcom also shared the first details about Monster Hunter XX on Switch today. Here’s what we know as of now:

– 1080p docked, 720 portable
– Control scheme is refined to fit well with Switch in both TV and portable mode
– Local and online 4-player multiplayer
– You also can play it together with 3DS if you use internet
– You can bring back Switch save data to 3DS too
– You can bring almost all save data from X to Switch’s XX
– And you can share save data of XX in between 3DS and Switch
– Switch hardware bundle
– Not only the dock, but the console itself has a unique design (to be shown later)
– Refined UI

All of this information was shared at the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 event held in Japan today. As noted in our last post, the game launches on August 25. No word yet on a western release at this time, but Switch is region free.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 is featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu with some new coverage. Specifically, the magazine covers the game’s second case. Read the latest information from Famitsu below, courtesy of Court Records.

– The victim of this case was a fellow lodger staying in the Garridebs’ apartment like Souseki
– The two were known to get into arguments over the finer points of Shakespeare
– Souseki made the tea that seems to have poisoned the victim
– When Souseki found his body, he was arrested
– Souseki insists the place is cursed, which is part of what gets Holmes to take the case
– Dusting for fingerprints is in the game by way of some of Holmes’ inventions
– Decago is one of the witnesses in the trial
– Ryuunosuke spots him during the investigation trying to peer into the flat (which is impressive given the windows are bricked up)
– At the AA 15th anniversary concert, a video showing motion capture for a tap-dancing character was shown
– The article mentions that this case takes place “before Souseki returns to Japan”

As a small aside, we’ve attached some new art for The Great Ace Attorney 2 below.


This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a new Hey! Pikmin preview. The magazine covers the game’s story, amount of levels, and more.

To start off, Pikmin types and abilities are as follows:

– Red: Strong against fire and can move on fiery places
– Yellow: Strong against electricity and doesn’t get paralyzed; can also fly high when thrown
– Blue: Strong against water and useful in underwater explorations
– Winged: Can fly with its feathers; multiple winged Pikmin can allow Olimar to fly
– Rock: Can destroy hard objects

FuRyu updated the website for The Alliance Alive once again with new details about the RPG’s characters. Some of the information was previously divulged through Famitsu, but we have some extra characters and tidbits. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Princess Yukiha

– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 17
– Young girl who serves as head of Shiramine Castle
– Now the head of the family following the death of her father
– Kind-hearted girl who is considerate of her vassals and citizens
– Determined to fight to protect them, but she has yet to come up to speed with being a young lord
– Strong sense of justice
– As a hard worker has earned great trust from the people


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 70

– Senior minister who has served the castle since the era of the previous head
– Supports Princess Yukiha by her side
– Was in charge of educating Princess Yukiha when she was small, and is considered part of the family


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 56
– Experienced samurai
– Sword master known as the “Holy Sword” in the era of the previous head of Shiramine Castle
– After his daughter died in battle, he fell to despair and retired from active duty
– Now has left behind his sword and spends his time at the bar everyday


– Race: Penguin
– Gender: Male
– Age: Unknown

– Male penguin with a wife and three children
– Has an unheard-of personality, always considering himself to be the person that attracts the most attention
– Likes sashimi the most out of all foods

Star Hierarch

– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 52

– Religious leader who rules over the crystal world city of Eschtorm
– Descendant of a family of prophets who speak to the stars and predict the future
– Known as the “Star Hierarch”
– Inherited the responsibilities of his ancestors


– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 28
– Woman who belongs to the “Dragon Guard” that serves the Star Hierarch of the crystal world
– Powerful person who serves as a commanding officer
– Can control her flying dragon “Faflazard,” who she often uses

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