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Famitsu has new coverage of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology this week with a two-page article. Two elements in particular are covered: the Sub History and Prison of Time. Read up on the details below, courtesy of RPGSite.

Sub History

– Access Sub History straight away in Perfect Mode
– Nemesia also shows up at the story prologue
– Newcomers to Radiant Historia are recommended to choose the Append Mode, where Nemesia doesn’t show up at prologue and the Sub History would be accessible only after the first two histories have been cleared
– Two new episodes from Sub History introduced (see below)

“The Saint Speaks”

– Nemesia has been searching for a material called Artifact to prevent the continent from turning into a desert
– When she visits the Alistel city, the founder and ruler of Alistel, Prophet Noah is giving a speech
– However there are rumors that people who plan to assassinate him have slipped in

“The Promise Crosses Over Time”

– Looking for the Artifact which is the key in stopping the desertification of the continent, Stocke and Nemesia visit Granorg, the world of possibilities
– Searching for a certain pendant while gathering information

Prison of Time

– New extra dungeon
– Access it after reaching a certain point in the game
– Available once an event with the guide of Historia, Lippti, is triggered
– Dungeon is a dangerous place with strong enemies
– Items cannot be used here
– Beating enemies in the Prison of Time will reward Moment
– This is a special currency that is only usable at this location
– Collect Moments and speak with the Time Jailer to trade with precious items that cannot be bought in ordinary shops
– There are items that can only be obtained with Moment trade, such as the Secret Scroll that allows characters to learn Support Skills, which are also new to this game


FuRyu updated the official website for The Alliance Alive with new details. Characters Badr and Blue are introduced along with the new tribe Fiend. The information has been rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu


Race: Monster
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

– A monster who violently rules over the rain capital Svarna
– Takes advantage of the fact that the Asmodians entrusted him to rule over the humans of rain world
– Devotes himself to utmost evil.


Race: Asmodian
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

– Has the economy of this world under his thumb through his business of water from “The Blue Oasis”
– This is the sole oasis of the burning world
– Respectful and tolerant towards those of high capability regardless of race


– Tribe that is subordinate to the Asmodians
– Beast-like appearance
– More powerful than humans
– They have little basic intelligence
– Many of them are violent and lack reason


Square Enix updated the Dragon Quest XI website with the latest details and screenshots for its upcoming RPG. Two of the game’s systems are covered: “Zone” and “Link”. We’ve rounded up the latest news below, courtesy of Gematsu.


– One of the new powers that appears in battle
– State of heightened concentration that temporarily increases your combat ability
– If attacked by an enemy, the protagonist and other party members can enter Zone allowing them to turn a sticky situation into a prime opportunity
– Entering Zone surrounds your body in a blue light and increases your ability
– The effect can carry over to the next battle until it disappears
– Even if you take heavy damage and find yourself in a pinch entering Zone could be your chance for a counterattack
– Zone is even more promising when several party members enter it
– Monsters can also enter zone


– If you enter Zone, you can acquire even further power
– By combining your power with those of your party members, you can unleash powerful Link techniques
– These can become the key to defeating formidable enemies
– Silvia can light up the protagonist’s sword with fire
– Link techniques differ depending on the combination of party members, learned spells and skills, and the number of people that are in Zone
– How you organize your party will directly affect which Link techniques you can unleash
– Monsters can also unleash Link techniques
– Camus and the Protagonist: “Falcon Dance”
– Full Party: “Giga Burst”
– Silvia and Protagonist and Row: “Rose Hurricane”
– Martina and Row: “Matou Enbu”

Last week’s issue of Famitsu contained another information batch for FuRyu’s 3DS RPG, The Alliance Alive. We’re introduced to two new party characters and a couple of new locations.

Here’s what we learned:

Nintendo updated its Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers website today. It contains a lot of information that we heard about previously, but there are new tidbits here as well. The site covers HD Rumble, replays, and the game’s various other modes and features. We’ve rounded everything up below.

Hey! Pikmin details

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Hey! Pikmin was one of a few 3DS games playable at a press event this past week. Read up on some details about the game below, courtesy of Eurogamer’s preview.

– Three levels playable at a demo event
– From the opening two sectors of the game
– These levels teach the fundamental controls and introduce game concepts
– Gather 30,000 Sparklium to fix Captain Olimar’s crashed spaceship
– Control pad or Y and A buttons move Captain Olimar left and right
– Use the stylus to blow the whistle to get Pikmins’ attention and to activate a jet pack
– Jet pack hovers Olimar a fixed, short distance above the ground where you can move him left or right for a short while
– Use the jet pack to climb ledges
– Throw Pikmin with jabs rather than swipes
– Throw distance determined by how far away from Olimar you tap the screen or what you’re aiming at
– Self-contained levels see you locating Pikmin in order to navigate a play area that consists of moving left to right and finding the occasional hidden cave entrance that houses additional Sparklium
– Recruit Pikmin from vegetative clumps by way of a whistle-blow
– Use the same whistle-blow in order to keep your Pikmin together and in check
– Fling Pikmin to move a block, pull a lever, squash obstacles
– Enemies must be specifically targeted
– No mid-level check-pointing


Ever Oasis details

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Nintendo World Report went live with a preview today for Grezzo’s upcoming 3DS game Ever Oasis. Find the latest details below.

– Demo took place at the beginning of the adventure
– Party of three, led by main character Tethu, began in the main Oasis hub
– One traveler named Jasper lost something out in the wilds of the desert
– Desert overworld is filled with enemies to fight and dungeons and caves to explore
– Map on the bottom screen shows what direction to go to for your quest
– Each of your three characters has a weak and strong attack at the outset
– Tethu had a sword
– Miura wielded a spear
– Roto is a healer who throws a ranged boomerang
– More abilities available as you level up
– Tethu has access to a special attack that fires off a tornado at enemies
– Useful against flying enemies since it brings them to the ground
– One character has a giant hammer that could be used for a powerful special attack
– Along the way, each character also learns combo attacks that can be used to do more damage
– Control one character at a time
– Switch between them by pressing a button
– Day/night cycle in the game
– Enemies get tougher when the sun goes down
– When a party member falls, you can control another one to try to revive them by jamming on the A button near their body
– If your whole party fails, you can be revived instantly once
– Failing again reverts you to your last save
– Caves and dungeons house puzzles and secrets that can usually only be accessed by certain characters
– A room off to the side of one cave could only be reached by combining Miura’s power to flip large objects and Roto’s ability to turn into a little ball
– Miura set up a path for Roto to ricochet off, and then Roto bounced around to a side room
– Large rocks can only be broken by big weapons
– Sand piles can be swept away by Tethu’s tornado ability
– Buried treasure can be unearthed by a digging character
– Warp points
– Run into characters who can unlock other optional side quests or encourage the character to visit the Oasis
– After clearing Jasper’s quest, he will join your roster with the power to dig
– Visitors will enter your Oasis with more quests
– Build new shops to increase the prosperity of the main hub area
– Synthesize new weapons
– Can reorganize the three-character party


Gematsu translated some details about Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi which was just recently announced for Switch. We’ve rounded up the information below.

– Out in Japan this winter
– 3D maps that were popular in the previous game are more detailed
– Nationwide maps are 100 times more detailed
– Will System: each character has a “Will”
– This “Will” means “way of life”
– Indicates how the warlords will act
– Since each warlord’s Will is different, how to proceed the game will also change
– Will also influences the commands you choose and specific tactics
– Battles consist of “Command Phases” and “Advance Phases”
– Calmly think about what you want to do without rushing to take action during the Command Phase
– Time is stopped during this phase
– Daimyo AI have will-associated goals
– In diplomacy, there is also multilateral judgment based on will
– Same scale of warlords appearing as in Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – Ascension, which had over 2,000
– The team wanted to let you to taste the feeling of being against people, which was the basic design of Taishi
-The will system was born from there
– In previous games, actions by daimyo other than the player were decided based on the current situation
– In this game, goals are the underlying thought
– Actions are chosen from the idea of “what kind of actions are necessary to achieve my goal?”
– Partway through the final goal set for each daimyo, if he is judged to be “harmful” he will be seen as an enemy
– Then you’ll have to act according to that will
– There are plans to include new elements on the battle side
– Up until now, stocking up on lots of territory, troops, and vassals equaled strength
– This time, Koei Tecmo is using a system where the level of power exhibited will change based on the compatibility between the daimyo and vassals’ Wills.


A new article from Polygon offers up additional footage of next week’s Switch eShop release NBA Playgrounds. Additionally, information about the game is present. We’ve rounded up everything from Polygon’s report below.

Koei Tecmo and Gust Corporation sent out a new Nights of Azure 2 update today. We’re primarily introduced to Lily character (support character) Eleanor Ernesto and new general character Roeldilith, but new screenshots and art are available as well. The full roundup is below, courtesy of Gematsu.

New Lily Character

– Eleanor Ernesto (voiced by Aimi Tanaka)
– Chocolatier wandering the world in search of the ultimate chocolate ingredients
– She is well known, even in the world of demons
– Merchant
– Uses her money on her chocolate makin
– Lively and cheerful
– Has a side to her that behaves recklessly where chocolate is concerned
– Uses a huge mixer hammer
– She will support Alushe in battle as a Lily
– Eleanor earns money as a merchant, but it’s all for the sake of chocolate
– She is searching for the ultimate chocolate ingredients, as it is her greatest passion to make the ultimate chocolate

New Character Alushe Will Encounter

– Roeldilith (voiced by Chie Matsuura)
– Founder of the Lourdes Order
– Frail and thin
-Has a bandaged wrapped around her eye
– Soaks her body in pure water
– She is against the Curia
– Trying to prevent the “Bride of Time” from being sacrificed

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