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New Mario controllers are on the way from PowerA and HORI.

First up is the “Golden M” enhanced wired controller. It comes with “a 3.5mm audio jack, mappable advanced gaming buttons, and standard ergonomic layout.”

Here’s some additional information:

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Nintendo has announced that it will host a Management Briefing Session next month. It’s set to take place on September 16 in Tokyo.

Details about the meeting have not been disclosed. However, there will not be any announcements pertaining to the likes of new products and services.

Despite the lack of uncertainty as to what the event is actually planned for, it’s fairly noteworthy. We typically don’t see Nintendo host these types of in-person events. There have been financial results briefings many times before, but this is something else entirely. We can only speculate as to what Nintendo will be discussing during the event.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night creator Koji Igarashi reiterated interest in turning the IP into a series. However, he stressed the importance of wanting to “take my time and do things right.”

Igarashi also spoke about interest in working on something else entirely. While he didn’t give anything away regarding what sort of game ideas he could pursue, he’d want to develop “something a little more challenging if I were to create something brand new.”

Here’s our full translation of the interview excerpt:

The Art of Shantae

When we recently posted about The Art of Shantae, the book’s cover wasn’t available. That has since changed following an update on Amazon. You can check it out above.

Pre-orders for The Art of Shantae are up on Amazon here. There’s currently a $5 discount on reservations. We’ll also mention that pre-orders have since opened on Amazon ($10.57 discount) and Amazon UK (no discount).

The Art of Shantae is tentatively planned for release on December 1.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s video, Kit and Krysta try to make some origami based on Paper Mario: The Origami King. Check out the full episode below.

Starting today, My Nintendo members in Europe can spend their points on memo pads based on Paper Mario: The Origami King. There are two designs – one with Mario, and another featuring Peach/Shy Guy.

For 400 Platinum Points, you’ll be given a code to place an order on the My Nintendo Store. There’s additional information on the official page here.

Nintendo logo

Usually when Xbox boss Phil Spencer is asked about Nintendo, the executive only has positive things to say. Spencer again had high praise while speaking about the company during the Animal Talking show, which is hosted by Hollywood screenwriter and former games journalist Gary Whitta.

Spencer said:

Netflix has a new video game documentary coming out next week. In the final episode, there’s talk about the relationship between Nintendo and Argonaut Software and the making of Star Fox on the SNES. Dylan Cuthbert and Giles Goddard, two developers who worked on the game, spoke about the development experience.

According to Goddard, the Big N “never had anybody outside Nintendo working in the building. They actually made a separate office for us in one room on our own, basically segregated out.”

We also have some interesting words from Cuthbert, who said that famous developer Shigeru Miyamoto was only allowed to smoke in the area that Star Fox was being developed. Cuthbert noted during the episode:

Future Games Show

The Future Games Show was held in June as one of the many replacement events for E3 2020. Recently, GamesRadar announced that the presentation will be returning for a second time in just a few weeks to tie in with Gamescom.

The next Future Games Show will air on August 28 at the following times:

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario is far from a static series. The games have moved away from traditional RPG roots, dabbling with different genres and ideas. That experimentation even extends to the battle system, which certainly holds true with the latest entry, Paper Mario: The Origami King.

In an interview with German site PCGames, producer Kensuke Tanabe commented on the approach to battles for this new game. When asked if there was a drive to change combat up from previous titles because it might have become stale or if it’s a natural evolution, Tanabe said:

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