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** Unite a Shattered Kingdom in Spectral Force Genesis for the Nintendo DS, Available Now **

It’s time to sharpen those DS stylus’ and don that suit of armor!

Spectral Force Genesis for the Nintendo DS has officially commenced its march toward retail stores nationwide. A tactical RPG set to the backdrop of warring nations, the latest installment in the popular Spectral Force Genesis series offers an all-new, character-driven experience. Choosing to become the leader of one of 40 countries, each with its own story and characters, players must decide how to unite the remaining countries and bring peace to the NeverlandKingdom. It’s up to the player to decide how to change the face of NeverlandKingdom – by diplomacy, or by force.

The following information comes from Yoshio Sakamoto, the co-creator of Metroid…

“You are going to see a lot further development all of which is connected to this progression you see in the Samus character in the past. So you get to learn what kind of person she is and how she is connected to the events in her past and how they have made her the person she is in the present moment. You saw in the original Metroid series titles and then through Prime there were different glimpses of the Samus character. But this is our best opportunity to date to present everything all together about Samus, to give the definitive character sketch and that is going to be something people can draw from as a resource as we pull them into the Metroid universe in the future as well.”

“I didn’t have a lot of input on the Prime series, I still don’t know much about the future of the Prime series as well, I haven’t been involved in that either. As to whether our Samus is going to be used in the Prime series going forward. You really have to defer to the wishes of the creator in this regard. Maybe think of it as the same universe but a different world view. There are different emphases in the two series of games. The Samus that we present here is very much our own, but the creators of the Prime series might have different goals and different areas that they want to stress as they go forward. Of course in these two series the approach is a little bit different and that is something essentially unavoidable. Samus is a character that fights and she has a lot of deep backstory and a lot of emotional content. That is what is essential here.”

“I can’t say what will happen in the future with Prime but I can say there is no reboot planned as such. You just need to keep in mind that different creators, different producers have slightly different visions and the end product will differ slightly as a result.”

Even though I’m looking forward to Other M, I’d be disappointed if we never saw another Metroid Prime game. The Prime titles have such an incredible atmosphere and manage to capture the spirit of Metroid very well.


“People really enjoyed playing the first No More Heroes like this. [Suda 51 makes arm gestures]. For the sequel, I didn’t think it was necessary to have MotionPlus functionality to enhance the player’s enjoyment, so I avoided including it. Would I include it in a future title? Depends on the game. If I think it’s necessary to have the functionality I’ll incorporate it, but if not, I won’t.” – Suda 51

As we know, MotionPlus support for No More Heroes 2 was considered at one point. But honestly, it didn’t really seem like the final product desperately needed it. I haven’t seen many gamers complaining about MotionPlus being dropped. For those who have played No More Heroes 2, what do you think?


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16 March 2010 – Nintendo today announced a unique partnership with Tecmo Koei to publish Samurai Warriors 3, the newest title in the Samurai Warriors franchise, exclusively for Wii.

Launching in Europe on 28 May 2010, Samurai Warriors 3 is an evolution of the Warriors series, featuring an innovative new game mode and a completely fresh new storyline

Award Winning Composer Creates Gun-Slinging, Sword-Swinging Soundtrack for Ubisoft’s Action Fighting Video Game on Nintendo WiiTM

New York, March 17, 2010 – Renowned composer Tom Salta has written and produced an original musical score for Red Steel™ 2, Ubisoft’s new first-person action title developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii™ and designed with full Wii MotionPlus™ integration. In Red Steel 2, the player becomes a swordsman who finds himself in a remote mixed metropolis in the middle of the American desert, where Eastern and Western cultures collide. To reflect this adventurous new setting in Red Steel 2, Salta composed an action-packed ‘Wild West’ guitar-driven score blended with evocative Asian music influences. Developed by Ubisoft Paris, Red Steel 2 is scheduled for release on March 23rd, 2010.

“Tom Salta is an extremely versatile composer and delivers a unique and dynamic soundtrack for Red Steel 2,” said Isabelle Ballet, music supervisor for Red Steel 2. “He has crafted various music styles including mixing blues guitars with traditional Asian instruments to produce an energetic, hybrid score that motivates and immerses players in the action. We can’t wait to share this experience with everyone!”