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Big 3 Gun Shooting (PS3) – Video
Crayon Shin-chan Shock Gun! (DS) – Playable/video
Dokonjou Shougakusei Bon Bita (DS) – Playable/video
Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 (PS3/360) – Playable/video
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (PS3/360) – Video
God Eater Burst (PSP) – Playable/video
Heart Catch Precure! Oshare Collection (DS) – Playable/video
Idolmaster 2 (360) – Video
Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Os (Wii/PSP) – Playable on Wii/video
Knights Contract (PS3/360) – Video
Macross F Hybrid Pack (PS3) – Video
Minna de Bouken! Family Trainer (Wii) – Playable/video
My Sister Can’t Possibly be this Cute Portable (PSP) – Video
Naruto Ultimate Storm 2 (PS3/360) – Playable/video
One Piece Gigant Battle (DS) – Playable/video
Pac-Man Party (Wii) – Playable/video
SD Gundam Brave Battle Warriors (DS) – Exhibit
Solarobo (DS) – Playable/video
Super Robot Wars L (DS) – Playable/video

Tales of Graces F (PS3) – Playable/video
Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 (PSP) – Playable/video
Tamagotchi no Narikiri Challenge (DS) – Playable/video


Capcom’s PAX 2010 lineup

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Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes

Resident Evil 5 (on the PlayStation Move)
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2
Mega Man Universe

Source: Capcom PR

Front Mission Evolved (PS3/X360/Win): Playable & Video
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (DS): Playable & Video
Lord of Arcana (PSP): Playable & Video
Tactics Ogre (PSP): Playable & Video
The 3rd Birthday (PSP): Playable & Video
Mind Jack (PS3/X360): Playable & Video
Final Fantasy Legends (Mobile): Playable & Video
Call of Duty Black Ops (PS3/X360/Win): Video
Deus Ex (PS3/X360): Video
Lara Croft Guardian of Light (PS3/X360): Playable & Video
Final Fantasy XIV (PS3/Win): Video
Final Fantasy XI (PS2/X360/Win): Video
Fallout New Vegas (PS3, X360) : Playable
Craft Mama (DS) : Playable
Baby Sitter Mama (Wii) : Playable
Motto! Stitch! DS (DS) : Playable


– Developed by RedLynx (Trials HD dev)
– 2011 release
– Cartoon-style platform racer
– Cars need to be tilted back and forward to complete 2D stages
– Emphasis on racing
– Local multiplayer (up to four players)
– In multiplayer, the person who falls behind gets eliminated by the left-hand side of the screen
– Story-based single-player
– Has “memorable characters”
– 100 levels
– Time-chasing mode
– Leaderboards
– Ghosts of friends
– No level editor
– Daily challenges through Wi-Fi involving new tracks and leaderboards
– 60 FPS
– Speedy load times
– No pricing yet


PSP – 55,412
PS3 – 25,053
DSi LL – 19,010
Wii – 15,989
DSi – 17,057
DS Lite – 3,925

Xbox 360 – 2,665
PS2 – 1,358
PSP go – 836

For comparison’s sake, here are the numbers from last week.

PS3 – 29,433
PSP – 27,554
DSi LL – 21,179
DSi – 20,030
Wii – 18,145
DS Lite – 4,012

Xbox 360 – 3,842
PS2 – 1,366
PSP go – 631

Remember that WiiWare racing game Shin’en teased a few months ago? Well, today the company made the title official. Shin’en has announced FAST – Racing League for Nintendo’s downloadable service. We’ll have to wait a little longer for concrete details about the game, but Shin’en promises that “more information will be revealed in the coming weeks.”

“It’s a great honour. I never would have imagined that I would be developing the latest instalment of titles I’d played in my childhood. If I could travel through time, I’d go back and tell the child version of myself. The Metroid series has lots of unforgettable creatures. We wanted as many of them as possible to be brought back. In the Bottle Ship there are lots of creatures longtime fans will surely get excited for.”

I definitely have to say that I was shocked when it was revealed that Team Ninja would be working on Other M with Nintendo. And I’m sure a lot of you felt the same way! Other M hasn’t received the best reception compared to other Metroid titles, but it sounds like most gamers have had a pretty fun time with it overall. One has to wonder if Nintendo will work with Team Ninja on another project sometime in the future.


1. [PSP] MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu Mura
2. [PSP] Ace Combat: Joint Assault
3. [Wii] Wii Party
4. [PSP] Hakuoki: Zuisouroku Portable
5. [PS3] Another Century’s Episode: R
6. [DS] Inazuma Eleven 3
7. [PS3] Sengoku Basara 3
8. [DS] Art Academy
9. [PSP] Nisenochigiri
10. [Wii] Super Mario Galaxy 2

Nintendo Power promised a blowout of Epic Mickey in their October issue, and the magazine certainly did not disappoint. Tons of new details have been revealed in a 10-page article, which touch on new gameplay/story elements, new levels, and other interesting information. Check out all of the Epic Mickey goodness below.

General details

– Much time has passed after Mickey spills paint and thinner on Yen Sid’s model on his table
– Incident becomes a distant memory
– One morning, Mickey yanked back through the mirror by the Phantom Blot
– During the struggle, Mickey grabs the paint brush before being pulled into Yen Sid’s model
– Part of the introduction involves a tense confrontation with Mad Doctor and contains a little beat where Mickey and Oswald see each other for the first time
– Warren Spector says that moment is his “Sergio Leone moment”
– Oswald is the earliest resident of Wasteland
– He’s joined by other discarded elements from throughout Disney history as the decades pass
– Paintbrush more like a hose than a brush
– Controls rundown: Aim with the Wiimote, hold B button to shoot a stream of paint, hold Z for thinner, tap either button to fire a shotgun-like splash of the corresponding substance
– The splash’s range isn’t as good, but covers a wider area and the force to knock back foes
– Action maps make up most of the game
– Only takes a few minutes to complete a travel map, but there are branching paths
– One path will take you to your destination, other will reward you with a collectible if you survive
– One collectible is a film reel, but Spector won’t discuss that yet