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Update: Official patch notes:

– Game balance adjusted
– Adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience

* Replays stored up with the previous version (version 1.1.4) are not compatible
* Version 1.1.5 is required to play online

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS has been undergoing a bit of maintenance tonight. Alongside that, a new patch has been made available: version 1.1.5.

As the small increase in version number indicates, this is not a major update. When the official patch notes are published in English, it should include the following: “Adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.”

Today’s 3DS update requires 2,634 blocks (329MB) of free space on an SD card. The Wii U version takes up 160MB if you downloaded version 1.1.4, and 3.1GB if you haven’t grabbed the previous updates.


Nostatic Software is in the process of preparing an update for its Wii U eShop title VoxelMaker. That information comes from a recent tweet, in which the studio said that some new features are in the works. Users can expect a faster, GPU-based rendering as well as glow and transparency.

Here’s the relevant tweet from Nostatic:

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


Disney Infinity has received a new update. It’s quite substantial, weighing in at nearly 1.3GB.

Today’s update should add in data for the new Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set. Additional figures are being supported as well.

Thanks to NinImpactGaming for the tip.

Nintendo Badge Arcade has received a new update in Europe. It’s version 1.3.1, which requires 627 blocks of free space.

Today’s update in the Nintendo Badge Arcade makes it easier to obtain free plays. First, the super bonus from the Practice Catcher now gives three free plays instead of two. A dummy badge also provides a free play if you manage to snag it.


Splatoon’s 2.6.0 update went live last night. YouTube user “Nintendome” took a closer look at the latest patch, which you can view in the video below.

Following yesterday’s leak, the Mashiko / Mary O costume and Event Course are now available in Super Mario Maker. After completing the “Mary O.’s Lunch Break” level, the new outfit will be yours.

Here’s an overview of the Event Course:

“Mary O., the friendly guide from the Super Mario Maker manual, finally makes her in-game debut!

‘It’s my lunch break, so I’m heading out for a quick bite to eat. Out of the office, across the street, up some… vines?! Maybe this won’t be so quick after all…'”

And a video for Mashiko / Mary O:

Splatoon version 2.6.0 out now

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Splatoon’s new update is now available. After applying the patch, your game will be brought up to version 2.6.0.

Missed the update notes we posted a few days ago? If so, head past the break to read them in full.

Koei Tecmo will be pushing out a new Hyrule Warriors update in Japan later this month. After applying the patch, the game will be increased to version 1.2.0.

Here’s what’s included:

– Adds the ability to purchase DLC
– Adds Zelda: Wind Waker Ganondorf costume obtainable by purchasing the season pass
– Fixes a glitch with skill rental, in which the counter would not decrease after using it
– Fixes a glitch which slows down the player after being hit by an enemy
– Adjusts enemy patterns for some of the giant bosses
– Bug fixes

Hyrule Warriors Legends version 1.2.0 is scheduled for March 25.


Nintendo uploaded Japanese patch notes for Super Mario Maker’s next update, though it’s pretty much a recap of what was already revealed during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. Version 1.40 will add new items including Skewer columns and keys, Super Expert Mode in 100-Mario Challenge upon clearing Expert mode, and ranking categories for world records and the number of first clears on courses on the Super Mario Maker Bookmark site. Nintendo is also making adjustments for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Super Mario Maker version 1.40 will be out next Wednesday. The download will require 361MB of free space.


Splatoon version 2.6.0 patch notes

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Stage Adjustments:

  • Object placement in Regular Battle for the following stages will be changed to match that in Splat Zones.
    • Arowana Mall
    • Moray Towers

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