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Defender’s Quest is looking very likely for both 3DS and Wii U. A 3DS version is all but confirmed, and creator Lars Doucet also confirmed on Twitter that has a Wii U dev kit.

Doucet also said he’s looking into the possibility of cross-buy support between Wii U and 3DS:

As far as cross-buy between Wii U and PC goes, the chances of that happening aren’t so high. It’s not something that should be expected, understandably.

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Update: IGN has reinstated its article. We have this extra quote about The Adventures of Captain Toad…

“For example, there’s an enemy that is very simple, called a Bitty Bug. It just crawls around on the ground and gets stomped on. But suddenly, when you can’t jump, it’s the most terrifying thing. You have to think of a way to get around it. You can control the camera using the gyro function on the GamePad by moving it around, and also the circle pad. That allows you to see the course from various angles, and by using those camera controls, you’re able to find the five stars you have to find there in order to complete the puzzle.”

And commentary on Mystery House…

“The model that we used for the Mystery House in this game was the Mystery Box from Super Mario 3D Land. That’s a little puzzle that ends within 10 seconds, basically. In 3D Land, you basically just had the one box, but in this game you have various boxes connected in a course, maybe five or 10 or something like that. At first, it seems pretty easy, but you have to complete one after the other. As you go through it, things get kind of tense and you might end up messing up.”

“It’s a little bit more difficult than it looks. We’ve designed it in such a way that it’s pretty obvious, when you fail or when you die in the game, where you messed up. It’s really easy to tell where you went wrong. So it gets you motivated to try it over and over again until you complete it.”

Original: A now-pulled IGN article has revealed two brand new game modes for Super Mario 3D World.

“The Adventures of Captain Toad” has players navigating environments with gyrosensor controls. Your goal is to collect five green stars while being tactful when encountering enemeis. Jumping appears to be disabled in this mode, making it much more difficult to take down foes. IGN says the experience “feels a lot more like a puzzle game.”

IGN also got the following quote out of Super Mario 3D World co-director Kenta Motokura:


Along with today’s screenshot, Sakurai passed along the following message on Miiverse:

“Sonic: Lost World is out in Japan today! The Windy Hill area can also be seen in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U…but I can’t tell you all the details yet!”

Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai is gearing up for its launch on the 3DS eShop. Shin’en is currently “preparing the release”, and hopes to have it ready to go within the next few weeks. The game should be out by the end of November at the latest.

Jett Rocket II is also coming to Japan, Shin’en has confirmed to us. If possible, the studio hopes it will be available in the country along with the rest of the world.

We also have a tiny tidbit about Shin’en’s Wii U plans. We do know that one project will be revealed soon. Shin’en has also reconfirmed the existence of a second new Wii U title, which will be revealed later this year.

A couple of new Jett Rocket II screenshots showing one of the game’s bosses can be found below.



David Jaffe has a suggestion for Nintendo: try selling the company to Disney. He believes “they clearly understand marketing, they clearly understand their audience.”

Now, Jaffe’s words shouldn’t be taken as him looking to openly blast Nintendo. While speaking with HipHopGamer, Jaffe acknowledged his respect and admiration for the company. The thing is, he wants them to do something new.

Jaffe labeled Shigeru Miyamoto’s contributions to gaming as “industry-altering and super important”. However, he feels “some new blood getting in there” could only improve Nintendo.

Jaffe’s comments in full:

Wii Party U will not be sold on the eShop in Canada, a Nintendo representative has said. Consumers will need to purchase the game at retail if they’re interested in adding it to their collection.

It’s currently unclear if this also applies to the US and Europe. For the latter territory, things aren’t looking good. You may have noticed that Wii Party U was absent from the European Nintendo Download report earlier this week.


GungHo Online Entertainment has given a new update on the overseas release of Puzzle & Dragons Z. While there’s still no set date, president Kazuki Morishita told Siliconera it will happen “sooner or later.”

“Nothing has been finalized, we don’t know how we will release it or have a price, but we will release it sooner or later.”

Morishita also spoke about Puzzle & Dragons Z is more RPG-oriented compared to the smartphone version. In doing so, he revealed how the 3DS title “has always been in the works” – meaning it was planned from the series’ very beginning.

“Initially, when we were still tinkering with the concept for the smartphone version in summer of 2011, we already started talking about the 3DS release as well. The 3DS version has always been in the works, we have always been planning it while we were coming up with the smartphone version concept. So, it isn’t a new idea we came up with. We were always going to add that RPG element into the game.”


This week’s Famitsu has a feature with Game Freak character art director Ken Sugimori and 3D art director Takao Unno. The two talked about working with 3D models for the first time, creating new Pokemon designs, and more.

You can find a Q&A roundup after the break. Many thanks to Polygon for the translations.

Nintendo may very well be preparing the first specially-designed 2DS system. Kotaku has obtained several images showing what appears to be a Year of Luigi-themed handheld.

Nintendo hasn’t made any announcement, but perhaps the unique 2DS will be out in time for the holidays.