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Lola Pop wins ARMS Party Crash #4

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Nintendo has announced the winner of the fourth ARMS Party Crash event: Lola Pop was victorious, beating out Misango.


The official Nintendo Treehouse Log updated this past week with a pair of new entries.

The first one covers the new Fire Emblem Warriors DLC pack, including new characters Oboro, Azura and Niles. In the second entry, we get to read a bit more about the latest ARMS fighter Dr. Coyle.

We have excerpts and links to both Treehouse Log entries below.

ARMS Party Crash #4 announced

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Another Party Crash event will soon be taking place in ARMS. Lola Pop and Misango will be going head to head between January 19 and January 22. This time around, the theme is “New Face-Off”.

If you haven’t heard about Party Crash previously, they temporarily take over the regular Party Match mode. ARMS players can then join in on some fast-paced fights and earn points to raise their Lab Level. When Party Crash ends, everyone who participates will gain in-game currency and badges depending on what Lab Level they reached.


ARMS version 5.0.1 up now

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Update: Full patch notes added below.

Original:The newest ARMS update dishes out some new balance changes to the game. Nothing too major.

Last month, we heard that Donna Burke was working on something for Nintendo. Now we know what Burke was teasing at the time.

Burke is the voice of Dr. Coyle, the newest fighter in ARMS. The character was added in via an update late last month.

Burke shared the news about her role on Twitter:


ARMS Party Crash #3 results

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Another ARMS Party Crash is in the books. The third event has drawn to a close, and the results reveal a very close finish. Twintelle just edged out Master Mummy by a score of 51% to 49%.


Nintendo is celebrating the start of 2018 with a few new images. Above, we have some special New Year’s art for ARMS. You can also find a new Super Mario Odyssey-themed January wallpaper and calendar below.

ARMS – official Dr. Coyle art

Posted on 3 weeks ago by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch | 1 Comment | 0 Likes

Nintendo has posted an official piece of art for Dr. Coyle, the newest character in ARMS. Check out the image above.


To celebrate the holidays, Nintendo has shared some special art. We have a piece for Splatoon above and another drawing for ARMS below.

Source 1, Source 2

Dr. Coyle is the latest fighter to have been added to ARMS, but she’s actually a new boss as well. You can see what happens when you challenge the Grand Prix at Level 6 or 7 below.

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