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EDGE has a big feature on ARMS this month. Switch’s upcoming game is on the cover of the magazine, and also has several pages of coverage.

Producer Kosuke Yabuki, art director Masaaki Ishikawa, and design director Shintaro Jikumaru shared some comments about ARMS as well. Between the three, they talked a bit about the game’s origins, making it balanced (including a special tool used), trying to have it be accessible yet also deep, and other topics as well. 

We’ve posted a number of comments from Yabuki, Ishikawa, and Jikumaru below. You can pick up this month’s EDGE for the full feature. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild recently graced the cover of EDGE magazine, and another first-party Nintendo game will soon follow in its tracks. ARMS will be on the cover of EDGE magazine issue #306 with the caption “Nintendo’s stunning new fighting game lands the killer blow for Switch”. Sounds like the magazine’s editors have pretty high hopes for the game. If you’re a subscriber, by the way, you will instead get this exclusive cover art of Spring Man getting punched in the face:


The ARMS Twitter account is back once again with a few updates. We’re given a look at Min Min’s alternate costume, the Dragon ARM, and the Lab stage once again.

The Dragon ARM is capable of firing lasers that produce a wide range. However, it’s recommended for advanced players since the charge up time of the lasers can be a bit on the lengthy side.


The Japanese ARMS Twitter account is back again with another update. Following up on yesterday’s tweets, Nintendo published tweets with additional news.

First up is a look at an alternate costume for Mechanica, pictured above. Below is a brief video focusing on the Revolver weapon and another look at the Lab stage.

As for the Revolver, players can dish out three shots, though they can be dispatched by the person you’re facing with punches. However, enemies can be stunned by electricity when they’re charged up.


A couple of updates from the ARMS Twitter account: first of all, they revealed another alternate costume, namely the dark-colored Ribbon Girl you see above. They also posted a screenshot of the “Arms Lab” stage as well as the next weapon showcase video, featuring the shocking Sparky:


Differently-colored costumes for characters are a staple in fighting games and ARMS will be no exception. The official ARMS Twitter account revealed the pink-colored Ninjara seen above. Obviously, other characters will also have different color variations available.

The next weapon showcase video was also released – take a look at the Chakram weapon:


The official (Japanese) ARMS Twitter account has released two neat little things today. First is a brief video showcasing the Toaster Arm and its fiery capabilities in action:

Head past the break for a really cool GIF that shows off Minmin’s animation, created using an “action figure”:

The official Japanese ARMS Twitter account is back with another update on the upcoming Switch game. New messages shared today give more insight into Mechanica.

Mechanica, otherwise known as “Rocket Girl”, works at the “Scrap Yard” factory. She’s a mechanical design engineering prodigy, and has dreamed of participating in the ARMS Grand Prix ever since she was a child. Although she can’t directly use ARMS, she’s able to do so through an exoskeleton that she herself created.


ARMS screenshots

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Over on the official Japanese Twitter page, Nintendo posted several new screenshots from ARMS. We’ve added them in below.


ARMS – Mechanica vs. Ribbon Girl artwork

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The official ARMS twitter page has posted some new artwork of Mechanica and Ribbon Girl facing off. Hopefully we get similar artwork for more of the cast in the future.


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