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CoroCoro starts an ARMS manga

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In the Japanese magazine CoroCoro, a new manga has started for ARMS. The newest issue has the debut chapter. It looks more along the lines of a gag manga, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.

CoroCoro even has a few sample pages that can be viewed online. It’s accessible right here.

Nintendo unveiled Lola Pop today as the newest character being prepared for ARMS. Take a look at some off-screen footage below.

Own a Switch but not sure if ARMS is for you? Then you’re in luck – Nintendo is holding another ARMS Global Testpunch this weekend, allowing you to try out the game. Head to the eShop and download the ARMS Global Testpunch demo for free; then, you’ll be able to play online from Friday, 25th August at 5 PM CET until Sunday, 27th August at 10 PM CET.


Lola Pop is the newest ARMS character

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Nintendo has just revealed its newest ARMS character as Lola Pop, a clown with extendable balloon arms. Check out the video of her below.

ARMS – Nintendo teasing new ARM

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The next update for ARMS will be adding a new character. Additionally, new ARMS will be added as well. Nintendo has started teasing the content on Twitter.

Here’s a look at the new ARM, which looks to be shield-based:

Nintendo has not yet said when the next ARMS update is happening. Given the recent teases, hopefully it isn’t too far off.


Nintendo challenged two UK Super Smash Bros. experts to put their fighting game skills to the test against ARMS​ producer Kosueke Yabuki.

A general introduction is posted below. You can also watch the full matches with Super Smash Bros. pros Tom G-P Scott and J.Miller below.

Nintendo has said that the next ARMS update will be adding a new fighter. It also looks like the character will come with a new stage, as you would expect.

The teases are going up a notch with a new tweet published on the Japanese ARMS Twitter account just a short while ago. It gives us a first look at the new fighter, but it’s pretty blurry. You can get a very rough idea as to how the character looks below.


The ARMS Twitter account just posted another update containing the image above. It certainly looks like a new stage, doesn’t it?

The tweet has Biff talking about being on vacation and hearing that there is a fighter around here. He also mentions the sweet scent and exoticism in the air.

Everything points to this being related to a new fighter, who will likely be accompanied by a new stage as well. It does line up with what we heard from the datamine last week.


Kosuke Yabuki, the producer of ARMS, was present at Japan Expo in Paris last month to promote the game. He also played a couple of rounds with some attendees. Nintendo of France has published a video (in French) which shows some of the matches. Check it out:

The new 2.1.0 update for ARMS went out a short while ago. In terms of actual new content, Nintendo didn’t bring in whole lot. However, the company is gearing up for some new additions rather soon.

The Japanese ARMS Twitter account has teased a new character that will be available with the next update. New ARMS will be included, too.

We just saw a new update today, so it might be a few weeks until the next one goes out.


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