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01. [PS2] Super Robot Wars Z (Namco Bandai) 366,000 / NEW
02. [NDS] Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo) 195,000 / 1,474,000
03. [NDS] Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) 65,000 / 852,000
04. [NDS] World Destruction (SEGA) 56,000 / NEW

05. [PS2] Kinikkuman (Namco Bandai) 35,000 / NEW
06. [NDS] Dragonball DS (Namco Bandai) 30,000 / 102,000
07. [PS3] X-Edge (Compilation Heart) 22,000 / NEW
08. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) 21,000 / 2,684,000
09. [PS3] Aquanaut’s Holiday (SCEI) 18,000 / NEW
10. [WII] Disaster: Day of Crisis (Nintendo) 14,000 / NEW


Nintendo revealed at their fall press conference today that titles such as Pikmin and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, previously GameCube titles, will be re-released for Wii. The games will be made so that old GameCube titles will now be playable on Wii. These games are part of the “Games You Can Play on Wii Selection” group of titles.

In a video-reel of Wii games at their annual fall press conference, Nintendo confirmed the existence of Punch-Out, Sin and Punishment 2, and Another Code. Additionally, as has been previously known, a new mothership Tales games will be heading to Wii. More news as it breaks.

Nintendo has announced that they are planning on enabling somewhat of SD card support to relieve storage problems on the Wii. It will be possible to download Wii software directly to an SD card, and Nintendo explains that it will be simple to copy software to and from the SD card or internal memory. The solution will apparently be available in Spring 2009.

Nintendo has surprised the gaming community today with the announcement that not only can the DSi store applications on the system, but shopping will be allowed with Nintendo points. An internatl browser will be equipped as well. Games one has downloaded will be able to be taken with the user. Finally, it looks as though Wii points will be renamed, or somehow affected, as Nintendo officially introduces Nintendo points. 1000 free points when the DSi is purchased before March 2010, which can be used in the Nintendo DS Shop. Nintendo DS Ware can be downloaded for either 200, 500, 800, or even 0 points.

Nintendo DSi – First picture

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Update: Nintendo has confirmed that there is only one touch screen. Looks like it was a translation error.

As was partially expected, Nintendo finally revealed a new DS at its annual fall conference today. Nintendo is calling the product DSi and have noted that it will act as a third platform. The GBA slot will be removed and the unit is 12% and 2.6 millimeters smaller. The screens will be increased to 3.25 inches, SD card support has been added, photos can be manipulated via the touch screen, and the playback speed of sound can be adjusted. Two touch screens have been confirmed.

Price: 18900 yen

Release date: November 1 in Japan

Launch colors: White, grey-black