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Nintendo has just released the translated version of the latest Iwata Asks. This time, the conversation focused on the development of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. As we know, it took about two years to finish creating the game. But apparently, almost a whole year was spent on thinking about the game’s train mechanic.

So at first, the staff members thought laying the tracks would be fun as well.

Right. But the problem is that, even if people can lay the tracks anywhere they like, they won’t know where to lay them. Then, to make the story work, there are places where you absolutely mustn’t go, and other places where you really can’t be at certain points in time. So we examined all sorts of different ways of playing. That went on for about a year.

A whole year? But your development period was two years…

We spent half of those two years on the railroad. And then, one day, Aonuma-san said, “Why don’t we just drop the idea of laying the tracks?”

At first, you started development from the angle of making it possible for players to lay the tracks anywhere they wanted, and then, one year later, Aonuma-san said, “Let’s not”… How did the team handle that?


Did it feel as though a small tea table had been upended?

Not… a small one. A pretty giant one (laughs).

Tales of Graces screenshots

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Starting today, Nintendo of America will be taking an active role with Twitter. A “Nintendo Day, Every Day” dialogue has been launched so that the company can provide updates to fans with all sorts of goodies. From here on out, you can expect the Big N to share news, tips, tricks, and more. Additionally, Nintendo will be tweeting questions and the company is interested in hearing feedback from fans. You can check out the Twitter right here.

The Japanese Wii no Ma channel has housed a ton of video content over the past few months. Soon, however, the channel will be expanding with the addition of the Music Room. According to J-pop artist Becky, users will be able to listen to her music through Wii no Ma starting on December 5.

It’s possible that, besides music, Nintendo will make other rooms available. Recently, a few trademarks were found such as the Book Room, Manga Room, and of course, Music Room. It certainly seems as though Nintendo may have some big plans with the Wii no Ma channel in the future.

Infinite Space boxart

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Putting all of the images past the break to avoid the possibility of spoiling the game for someone!