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Most of us have played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time before, but never quite like this. A group of people are working together to remake the beta version of the game. Items such as a fishing rod that can be equipped and a reed whistle for calling Epona will be included. Additionally, you’ll be able to see a few neat locations including the Castle Sewers, which was initially the way that it would be possible to escape Hyrule Castle.


When Monster Hunter 3 was revealed to the public, most were shocked that the game would appear on a Nintendo system. Rather than releasing on the PS3, Capcom had decided to go with the Wii to release the game. However, if the latest rumor is true, Monster Hunter 3 might not be a Wii exclusive after all.

A rough translation of a blurb from a foreign gaming magazine is as follows: “The decision of Monster Hunter 3’s Wii-exclusivity is not yet final.” This bit of information comes from a Capcom representative. The thing is, as was mentioned, the line from the representative is a rough translation. Moreover, we can’t be 100% sure that this rumor is true until Capcom officially confirms/denies the rumor.

Item Getter video

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Arcade-Style Multi-Player Action Hunting Comes to Wii for the First Time

San Francisco, CA- Dec. 9, 2008 – Video game publisher Mastiff announced today that the award-winning arcade-style, multi-player hunting game Deer Drive for WiiTM will ship to major gaming retailers across North America on Dec. 16, 2008.

Deer Drive brings arcade-style hunting action to the living room with single player, two-player head-to-head and four player party modes. In Deer Drive players can challenge friends to head-to-head competition or enjoy the ultimate four player hunting party. And we do mean ‘party.’

It isn’t exactly a well-kept secret that Nintendo has been doing everything in their power to stop homebrew, and other activity on the Wii. Some of the more recent updates to the system have attempted to rid any data that seems suspicious. Another obstacle has been presented to the Wii modchip community however. Nintendo is releasing new a new Wii drive by combining the D1A and drive controller chips to form a new one, GC2-D3. Apparently, this prevents any modchip from functioning properly.

This discovery will presumably be a more difficult obstacle to overcome than in the past. This time, Nintendo has instead made an attempt to modify what’s under the hood of the system. We’ll see how long this takes, if ever, to devise a workaround.

See the Space Adventure for WiiWare in Action, Together with Screens of New Levels and Items

Chicago – Dec. 9, 2008

Witness the first ever sneak preview video footage for Evasive Space, a new space adventure title for WiiWare™ published by YUKE’S Company of America and developed by High Voltage Software. The new video shows a preview of what’s to come, including a peek at how you’ll navigate your ship using the infrared capabilities of the Wii Remote™. Pilot Konki through various intergalactic terrains and obstacles in a race against time to restore stars to the universe.

In addition to the preview video footage, new screenshots have also been released providing a glimpse at Act 3 and the final Act 4, as well as booster items that will help Konki survive and ultimately save the universe. The following provides a deeper look into the items and worlds found within Evasive Space…

No matter where a Wii was being sold across America, one knows that, chances are, it was gone during the Thanksgiving week. Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata said that about 800,000 Wii units were sold, and stores are reaping the benefits of having the system in stock. Walmart spokesperson Ravi Jariwala has discussed how the company made out. According to that representative, the Wii “sold through tens of thousands by early Monday afternoon.” The company, perhaps surprisingly, still has some Wii consoles in stock and will continue to restock throughout the holiday season.

Shining Force Feather video

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Hamburg, December 09th, 2008 – It was a little bit more than 20 years ago when a game was born that still is a synonym for a whole gaming genre: The Great Giana Sisters made Jump’n’Run gaming available for home computer users all over the world. In 2009, the blondes finally return – and with that, they make it all the way to Nintendo DS for the first time.

Back in the late 1980’s, there was literally no chance to play Jump’n’Run games on home computers like Commodore 64, Amiga or Atari ST. Until 1987, when a small German development team released The Great Giana Sisters.