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Antony Johnston has officially acknowledged that he will be scripting Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii. Johnston is known for working on graphic novels including Wasteland. For now, he cannot go into too much detail regarding the game, but did disclose the following information:

# I’ve seen the game, and it looks incredible for the Wii;
# The voice cast is great, including a couple of names you’ll recognise;
# The story is strong, with a big emphasis on character;
# I think the on-rails-haters will be pleasantly surprised at how much gameplay variety has been packed in.

Back in 2002, Nintendo had sent out an interactive tech demo featuring Peach’s Castle to certain developers. Essentially, the point of the demo was to display the graphical capabilities of the GameCube. In each room, a different graphical effect is present.

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Note: Contest has now officially started.

We haven’t had a contest in awhile, so I thought it was about time to start a new one! Before I get into the guidelines and details, I want to make a note that these contests will occur more often. They might have different rules and set ups to them, but I’m going to try to make it a more regular occurrence to make contests more frequent (but they won’t be every two weeks!)

The premise of this contest is simple. I’ve been noticing lately that a few people have commented on the news posts/articles that have been posted, which is definitely something that I’m happy with. At the same time, I would really love to see more comments so that, with any luck, a community of sorts can born. I do feel that a community aspect for Nintendo Everything could be very important and who knows – It’s more than possible that you guys can get into some nice discussions.

Now, here’s what I have in mind…

– This contest will begin today (3/1) and will end in two weeks (3/15).
– The winner with the most comments by the end of the contest will win a free WiiWare or Virtual Console game of their choice on the Wii
– The type of comment isn’t entirely important as long as it’s not something blatant to rack up your comments total for the contest
– A winner will be randomly selected if there happens to be a tie in comments total
– Unfortunately, this contest is only open to those who United States Wii systems – or to those who can temporarily change their Country setting to the United States (due to restrictions of sending titles)

Those are the only rules that I can think of at this point. Granted that this is an entire bust (which is possible), I’ll simply have to think of a different type of contest. I really do apologize for those who cannot participate in the contest but in the future, perhaps there can be other prizes that can be considered so that all readers can participate. I still encourage anyone and everyone to comment, even for those who will not be able to join in on the contest.


Game Info
System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Social Simulation
Players: 1
Release Date: November 16, 2008
Publisher: Nintendo

In the gaming industry, there are many genres that fit an individual title. From shooters to RPG’s, each game has a category it can properly find itself in. Over the years, however, many games (while becoming increasingly more advanced in terms of hardware) have lost a very simple, yet very important aspect: Charm. “Animal Crossing: City Folk” has revitalized that aspect of gaming and has succeeded in bringing to the Wii the single most charming title that I have ever played. From the graphical animations to the terrible but cute one-liners, City Folk keeps things simple; and in this case that is a good thing.

From the day that Nintendo Everything opened its doors, I have (more or less) written all of the content that you can read on the site. Sure, I have received a bit of help along the way, but the assistance has never been constant. Taking care of the site is definitely a lot of work, and it isn’t always easy to balance it with other things that I need to take care of that aren’t related to NE. I’ve always been able to post news, but I can’t deny that our reviews are articles sections of the website have suffered.

So when I received an offer for help, there was no way I could deny any additional content that could be beneficial to the site. And with that, Nintendo Everything would like to welcome a new reviewer, Austin, to the editorial team. In the future though, chances are that Austin may not only provide the site with just reviews, but also with general articles and possibly news posts in the future. So basically, this is a win-win situation not only for the website, but for you guys – the readers – as well!

Austin’s first review will be going up later today.

“[Considering The Conduit on the 360/PS3] Not at all. Not even for just the core controls. We’ve got a lot of Wii specific weaponry that affords the type of gameplay that you can’t do on the PS3 and 360. For example, a couple of weapons like the Shrieker, which is sort of a guided missile. Once you launch the projectile, you actually guide your shot and twist and turn it. You get really good at it, it’s definitely a skill based mechanic. It’s not a waggle the Wii-mote kind of thing. When you’re guiding the projectile around you can actually get it to circle enemies and things like that which is awesome for multiplayer cause you can totally screw with people…” – Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage

“For those reasons and more, what Eric is pointing out, is why in the beginning of the interview, when you discussed the other titles for the PS3 and the 360, (unlike games for those consoles) this was designed for the Wii from the ground up. And, those are specific features for the Wii. Would we want to see that on a 360 or PS3? Sure. But, could we do it? Not with those interfaces. And, that’s what makes this product special.” – Kerry J. Ganofsky, CEO/Founder of High Voltage

This is a bit different that what we previously heard from Ganofsky. He had said that he “wouldn’t rule anything out” about bringing The Conduit to the 360/PS3 just a few weeks ago…But I suppose he changed his mind!


“As Nintendo DS has its own unique advantages, it would be possible to create a gameplay-control mechanism which would be good for and unique to Pikmin.” – Shigefumi Hino, former project leader of the original Pikmin

Wouldn’t it be funny if Pikmin was in development for the DS and not the Wii? I think it is the other way around, but as Mr. Hino said, bringing the franchise to the DS could bring great results.


This information comes from the latest edition of Iwata Asks for the DSi…

“Nintendo doesn’t have any intention of directly competing with existing products, but the mass media has a tendency to portray everything as a rivalry between opposing companies. It seems some people have the impression that we want to compete with cell phones or the iPod, that putting cameras or music players in our devices is out of character for us. I hope those who have such an impression will take an interest in what Nintendo can make when it dedicates itself to pleasing as many people as possible who pick up a DS, and I hope they’ll actually pick one up themselves.” – Satoru Iwata