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Nihilumbra was one of the many indie titles showcased for Nintendo platforms at E3 this year and the folks over at Mii-gamer sat down with developer Beautiful Games to talk about their design process and more, here’s an excerpt of the interview:

7. Nihilumbra is your first game to be released on Nintendo platforms. Why did you decide to bring Nihilumbra over to the Wii U? What is your opinion on the Wii U? Is it a good platform?

Kevin: When we started developing Nihilumbra, the WiiU didn’t exist at all, but as soon as we saw it announced we thought that it was a great platform for our game, mainly because it’s mechanics. It would be really hard (if not impossible) to port Nihilumbra to a console with a typical controller, but with that touching interface… it was perfect.

Sometime later, in a convention, we met someone from Nintendo Europe and we showed him the game. “We think that this game would be great on a WiiU” we said, “Well, what can we do to make it happen?” he answered. Everything was really easy an natural after that.

I guess that I have two different subjective opinions about WiiU, as a game designer and as a gamer.

As a game designer, I would say that it’s absolutely great. I always say that it’s the best thing that happened to console hardware since they added joysticks to controllers. With it we can make games that weren’t possible before, we can introduce asymmetric local multiplayer because, for the very first time, we have two different screens and two different input modes at the same time in one console. Really, as a game designer, I am constantly having new ideas of games that were not possible before.

As a gamer, I would say that I am concerned about the same stuff that concerns everyone: The games. It seems that there are not too many great games right now. It’s impossible to predict the future, and I’m no analyst. Let’s just say that, if Nintendo manages to build a strong base of games, it will have everything it needs to be a great console.

You can check out the full interview here

(Thanks to Mike for the tip!)

Devil’s Third may not be the traditional kind of game that we’re used to seeing on Nintendo platforms – not to mention the type of game that Nintendo typically publishes – but creator Tomonobu Itagaki isn’t worried that his game won’t find an audience on Wii U.

Speaking with, Itagaki mentioned that he’s already seen comments from fans stating that they’ll purchase a Wii U just to play Devil’s Third, and he believes that “gamers are the ones who make the future.”

You’ll find Itagaki’s full comments below.

Next Level Games’ Ken Yeeloy, in a recent interview, sounded off on several topics. Yeeloy commented on the studio’s development process, how being a second-party Nintendo dev affects projects, projects in the works (nothing could be revealed as expected), some continued interest in Punch-Out!!, and more.

Read on below for a few of Yeeloy’s words.

Nordic Games still isn’t ready to make any announcements about Darksiders. The company is currently “looking at all possible design directions”, product development director Reinhard Pollice told GenGAME.

That being said, Nordic says that Darksiders has a future “and it will be awesome.” Pollice also mentioned how fans should keep the series on their radar and keep track of what the company is announcing in the future.

Check out the exchange between GenGAME and Pollice below:

IGN has gone live with several new quotes from Reggie Fils-Aime. The Nintendo of America president was asked about the possibility of Amiibo crossovers, Nintendo’s vision for Wii U, and how the company intends to avoid game droughts.

You can find a few interview excerpts below, and more over at IGN.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Final Fantasy Explorers director Atsuhi Hashimoto and project manager Takahiro Abe spoke more about befriending monsters, the game’s difficulty, and the game’s world. You can find their comments below, courtesy of Siliconera’s translation.

Shovel Knight has been highly trumpeted by Nintendo since the game’s early days of development, up through release. Heck, the title is even playable at the Nintendo World store right now.

All in all, Yacht Club Games’ Nick Wozniak says Nintendo has “been really accommodating to our weird requests, and getting stuff done to see if they can promote us better.”

You can find Wozniak’s full comments about working with the Big N below.

Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning is open to remaking another one of the series’ entries, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus.

Lanning told Wired that it may very well be the next project the team takes on depending on success. If New ‘n’ Tasty sells well, we should eventually be seeing Abe’s Exoddus in HD.

Lanning said:

With success, yes. The number one thing is selling games — when they profit, we can make more games. With success, Exoddus will be the next game we make and with a LOT of success we’ll start making new IPs.

Also while speaking with Wired, Lanning discussed why it wasn’t possible for Oddworld Inhabitants to make a new IP. The studio ended up rebuilding Abe’s Oddysee since that’s what fans requested the most.

Shovel Knight designer/director Sean Velasco and pixel artist Nick Wozniak recently spoke with Hardcore Gamer and gave some lengthy insight into what the studio has planned next for the game. Additionally, Yacht Club discussed the possibility of sequels – again touching on ideas like a 16 bit version or N64-styled game with 3D visuals – as well as interest in pursuing original titles as well.

You can find Velasco and Wozniak’s comments below and the full interview here.

Earlier this month, Nintendo launched something called “Nintendo News” on its Japanese website. Think of it as a weekly online magazine in a way.

The latest issue, posted a few days ago, features some comments from Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma who reflected on the series. Aonuma spoke in one part about how discovering treasure is one of Zelda’s most enjoyable aspects.

On the topic of finding things when you go on an adventure, Aonuma said:

My son is in elementary school, and he asked, “What is so fun about Zelda anyway?” I tell him, “Finding treasure is the most fun!” Even if it is only one rupee inside the treasure chest, I think (laughs). Whenever you find a treasure chest, there is always a “Yes! I found it!”-sense of accomplishment, and when you open it, it is just so fun to hear. To discover a new item, I think I find pleasure in both the surprise and the opening.

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