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Mario Kart 8

Last November, Nintendo released black and white Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundles in Japan. The company has now confirmed that both editions will soon be discontinued. There’s no set date for this, but it’s expected that production will be ending in the near future. It makes sense given that Super Mario Maker bundles will be taking their place next month!


Another new reward has been added to Club Nintendo Europe. Users can now use place an order for the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack, which costs 3,000 stars.

68 tunes are included in the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack. Photos can be viewed in the gallery below, and the official page is located here.

Splatoon took the fifth spot in the June 2015 NPD charts. But how much did the game actually sell?

GameSpot received information from Nintendo which reveals that Splatoon sold another 290,000 copies in the United States during the month of June. Combined with sales from May, there are now 455,000 gamers out there with a copy of the title.

Aside from Splatoon, we also have a small update regarding Mario Kart 8. Nintendo says that it has sold over 2 million units in the U.S. since launching last May.


Now that the Olimar is starting to release in Europe, we can get a look at the related racing suit ni Mario Kart 8. Check out some footage below.

Nintendo fans have started a campaign to pay their respects to Satoru Iwata. Through the QR code above, you can obtain Iwata’s Mii on your Wii U console. People are using his Mii in Mario Kart 8 as a means of paying tribute to his memory.


HORI is bringing out two new Mario Kart 8 racing wheels in just a few weeks. Over on Amazon, Link and Toad wheels are listed for release on July 6. Pricing is set at $14.99 and $11.99 respectively.

Both accessories are officially licensed by Nintendo and act as attachments for the Wii Remote. They come equipped with a trigger button on the underside of the attachment to make the B button easily accessible. Additionally, they are optimized/designed for use with Mario Kart 8.

A few photos of the Link and Toad Mario Kart 8 wheels can be found in the gallery below.


Wii U: 590,000
3DS: 2.9 million
Mario Kart 8: 500,000
Smash 3DS: 330,000
Smash Wii U: 170,000

Source, Via

Mario Kart 8’s sales have been creeping up to the 1 million mark in Japan over the past few weeks. With the latest data provided by Media Create, it’s been confirmed that the Wii U game has now reached that milestone.

Mario Kart 8 sold another 11,654 copies in Japan between May 25 and May 31. According to Media Create, its lifetime sales are now at 1,006,719 units.

The MCM London Comic Con will be held this weekend, May 22nd – May 24th at the Excel, Royal Victoria Docks, London. Nintendo will be in attendance along with several games to be featured that are focused mainly on multi-player gameplay. They will be hosting several multi-player matches from  Wii U titles, such as the new 200cc mode for Mario Kart 8, amiibo competitions on Super Smash Bros., and Splatoon multiplayer battles. There will also be a pop-up store with exclusive and limited edition items like new 3DS cover plates and the Majora’s Mask 3DS XL Bundle that includes Skullkid. Monster Hunter 4 experts will also be on hand to give tips and hints in “Learn to Hunt” sessions. It is sure to be a fun-filled weekend!

Source: Nintendo PR

We weren’t going to have a show this week, but then Austin played Splatoon and he really wanted to talk about it so we decided to have a show. Additionally, Brian did a site survey and asked many of you about the podcast, so we decided to do a little navel gazing and read some of what you guys had to say, both good and bad. And weird. The nice image you see above was found on Neogaf!

Chapters today:

Opening Shenanigans

4:57 – Quiz – Tetris
5:28 – GAME OF THE WEEK – Yakuman

What We Played

8:05 – Austin’s been splatting folks left and right. (Mega Splatoon TALK)
46:43 – Everyone played 200cc. (Mario Kart 8)

Secondary Shenanigans

51:24 – Freetures
54:21 – Splatoon music break
55:47 – Touch My Navel – Your thoughts on the podcast

Listener Questions Mail

1:13:24 – Where to find New 3DS XL cases.
1:16:00 – How do you argue with a “hardcore” gamer?

Ending Shenanigans

2:25:02 – Ending fun
2:27:43 – QUIZ TIME
2:30:00 – Austin realizes something about DK64

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