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Update: Bumped to the top. Nintendo’s official patch notes have been added in.

A new update for Splatoon is releasing next week, Nintendo has announced. The game will be brought up to version 1.3.0.

Splatoon’s latest update makes improvements and changes to the Splatfest, weapons, and gear. The full breakdown is posted below.

Big John Games has confirmed that the 1.1 update for Cube Creator 3D is now in lot check. It’ll take roughly 30 days for it to be approved, and then a release date can be determined.

Big John Games has also shared extensive information about what’s new in Cube Creator 3D version 1.1. Here’s a quick overview:

– Fantasia and Inferno environments
– New enemies
– 3 new block types
– Can collect light and dark tree wood in Survival Mode
– 8 new Texture Packs
– New music
– Performance improvements
– Customize the Survival Mode campaign
– Transfer worlds between Creative and Survival Mode
– Loading and modifying worlds is enhanced
– Bug fixes

Continue on below for the full overview of Cube Creator 3D’s version 1.1 update straight from Big John Games.

Update: Here’s the 3DS size:


Today’s Smash Bros. Wii U update is rather large, which makes sense given the new content added in. The download clocks in at nearly 1,300 MB. You may experience issues downloading the update and DLC due to heavy traffic, but things should get better as the day progresses!


Coinciding with today’s new Smash Bros. DLC, Nintendo has released updates for both the Wii U and 3DS editions. The two titles are now up to version 1.0.8. After the break, you’ll find the complete patch notes.

As was announced during today’s Smash Bros. presentation, it’s been confirmed that the Wii U game will be getting YouTube uploads for replays. A release date hasn’t been announced just when. When it arrives, the feature will be free to use.

psyscrolr’s first patch is launching next week, the game’s developer has confirmed. It will be available in North America starting on Tuesday.

Here’s what the update entails:

– New WOLF STATUE boss fight in 1-3’s Rover Level!
– New puzzles sprinkled throughout previous levels!
– Enemies have become tougher, such as the Twigmen!
– Touch Blocks on 1-3’s first level are now much easier to move and use!
– NEW CONTROLS! Y button for Slash, B to Jump, Right Stick for Blasts!
– A new door appears… What could it be?

To celebrate the patch’s arrival, psyscrolr will be going on sale next Tuesday for $2.79.


OlliOlli recently received a patch on 3DS. Now the same can be said of the Wii U version.

Curve Digital has created an update for the 3DS version of OlliOlli, which addresses a few bugs and improves stability. The download should clock in at roughly 40 MB.

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KnapNok Games and Nifflas Games have announced the development of a new patch slated for summer. It will introduce five “extremely difficult levels” that “have been designed to take advantage of every single feature of the Small Craft, including some that players might not even be aware existed.”

Along with new levels, the upcoming update will also address a number of issues reported by players, including bug fixes.

Discussing today’s news KnapNok Games’ Lau Korsgaard also revealed plans for paid DLC. He said:

We had lots of ideas for very tricky puzzles that we couldn’t find room for in the final release of the game. We hope the community will take on the challenge of these new levels. Besides this free update, we still have lots of other plans for Affordable Space Adventures. In the future, we want to release a more substantial update as paid DLC that will expand the universe of Affordable Space Adventures and tell another chapter of the Uexplore story”.

Source: KnapNok Games PR

ZeNfA Productions announced today that the new patch for ZaciSa’s Last Stand is due out this Thursday in North America. The update will bring the game up to version 1.2.

ZaciSa’s Last Stand’s latest patch adds a whole bunch of content and makes a number of changes. The full outline is posted below, along with a trailer.

  • 60 FPS Gameplay and other major game improvements.
  • 4 Brand New Maps
    • PING 1.5+ – Indie Cross-over Map featuring PING 1.5+
    • BLOK DROP U – Indie Cross-over Map featuring BLOK DROP U
    • GAF – Fun extra map. Be sure to upgrade to GAF GOLD!
    • Pollux System – Defend your outpost station orbiting the Pollux Star. Watch out for those solar flares!
  • New Game Mode: Insanity Mode
    • Focusing the game on speed and the chaos it brings,the mode starts out with faster enemies and more enemies to keep up with. Designed with chaos in mind, each level features a random Special Event that can either help you or harm you. This Special Event can help you, such as enemies for that level having reduced health or enemies giving you double the money or score points. Or, this can possibly sink you with enemies moving at much faster speeds or the dreaded Double or Triple Enemy Spawns to overwhelm you. How lucky are you?
  • Online Leaderboards
    • All maps will now have Online Leaderboards for each of the following Modes: Hard, Insanity & Endurance.
    • Can you crack the top 100?
  • Top Five Average!
    • Another new Online Leaderboard feature is the Top Five Average! This new ranked feature will take your top 5 Online Scores in each of the eligible modes (Hard, Insanity & Endurance), combine them and average them to get your new score. This combined score will be ranked among others in each of the modes mentioned. Allowing for a new way to face off against your friends and strangers across the world!
  • Miiverse Posting
    • Want to show off your brand new score on any of the maps? Use the new Mivierse Post button to post to Miiverse! Will automatically attack a screenshot of your game’s map last second before total destruction to show off your strategy.
  • New Weapon Bot: Tesla Coil Bot
    • Brand new high level bot that zaps at enemies quickly and forms chains to reach enemies well beyond its range. As you increase its chain ability, this will become a very powerful new weapon to unleash on your enemies.
  • 2 New Enemies
    • Not to be outdone, the enemy has some brand new tricks up it’s sleeves. These brand new enemies are featured later in the game to help ensure their universal dominance.
    • Spe’d Bug: A fast little ship that does little damage but is capable at moving fast and is a pro at cutting through your defenses like butter.
    • The Destroyer 2.0: The mothership. Even though it’s very slow, its capable of doing a lot of damage to your bases. Better watch out, as it will spawn brand new enemies to distract you.
  • 5X Game Speed
    • Want to watch each level fly by? Well, now you can. This will allow you to reach higher levels even quicker then before. Due to the chaos in Insanity Mode, 5X Game Speed is omitted however.
  • GulAtiCa Bank Loans
    • Need a little extra pick-me-up? GulAtiCa’s Services are here to help! For a small service charge of course. Take out a new loan to help fight off those nasty evildoers. While a loan is active, rewarded money & score from enemies is reduced until the loan is paid off. Once the loan is paid off automatically or manually in advance, things will return to normal. Better pay off that loan before gameover though!
  • Other various game improvements and changes.


WayForward has confirmed on Twitter that the New 3DS update for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is launching in North America tomorrow. Previously, the patch came to Europe last week.

WayForward’s tweet is as follows:

The Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse New 3DS update adds a couple of features. Here’s a brief summary from WayForward:

-Use ZL or ZR to quickly swap between Inventory and Map screens.
-Use the Right Control Stick to “Quick Select” your magic and items.
-Tap the Touch Screen at any time to revert to Original controls.
-Owners of original Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL can also access these features by connecting the Circle Pad Pro accessory.


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