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Bandai Namco has an update on Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X, its new Japanese game for 3DS.

First, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X will have Arcade Mode which is ported from the original Dragon Ball Heroes along with a game-original Ultimate Heroes Mode.

Arcade Mode has 36 missions, covering eight from Dragon Ball Heroes, ten character missions, eight Evil Dragon Missions, and ten God Missions.

Ultimate Heroes Mode takes place between the real world and Dragon Ball Heroes world. In the latter world, there’s an incident where past fighters are losing their sanity, and it’s even affecting the real world too. Players need to fight Dragon Ball characters, restore their sanity, and become partners. You’ll be tasked with creating the strongest party by strengthening partners to save both worlds.

Also included in the game are power-up accessories obtained from battles that can be equipped. There will be more than 240 unique characters and over 3,300 cards, the most in the series. Bandai Namco does note that there will be some differences in game contents compared to the arcade game Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Screenshots covering today’s information are attached below.

Game Informer’s latest issue is now live online, and it comes with a ton of new details about Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There are various tidbits about the game in general, as well as content about a new dungeon.

We’ve rounded up the details below. You should consider picking up the issue for the full article and additional information.

Square Enix is back with more news about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. Even though it’s the weekend, the company shares new details and screenshots about Speed Road and Demon King Class Monsters. Find the content rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Speed Road

– In Break World, where the protagonist and other characters live, there is a secret practice facility called “Masters Road” that only monster masters can challenge
– A secret facility has also been discovered in the World of Incarnus
– Here, a new adventure will take place known as “Speed Road”
– The only thing this facility requires is technique
– Ride your favorite monster and run through the decided course like a race with your eyes on the goal
– At the goal, you can receive a great number of rewards, which you won’t want to miss getting if you’re a monster master
– Speed Road’s entrance is in the middle of nowhere
– Discovering the entrance is also one of your tests as a monster master
– Monsters will block your path on the course
– Skillfully slip through them while collecting the crystals that drop on the course and aim for the goal
– Crystals come in all shapes and sizes
– The bigger the crystals, the higher your score
– Use SP (Special) Items to brush away enemies for a short time
– Get crystals from defeated enemies
– After reaching the goal, you’ll receive a reward depending on your score
– Collect a lot of crystals to get a premium item
– Various stages to take on

Demon King Class Monsters

– Demon King class monsters that have appeared in the Dragon Quest series will continue to appear in this game
– Making friends with the monsters that stood before you as formidable enemies, and then adventuring together, is a feature unique to the Monsters series
– Won’t be easy to befriend the monsters
– Demon King Omudo Rex (from Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light): the huge weapon Omudo Lores created its own personality in order to think and grow on its own; everything it does is in order to carry out the commands of its master
– Aldarala (from Hoshi no Dragon Quest): loves slaughter more than anything; exerts itself to the limits of brutality, so it is said to get excited and become unable to sleep at night
– True Demon King Zaram (from Dragon Quest Heroes II): monster who took the chalice filled with the power of darkness into its body and became a True Demon King whose power surpasses that of a god


Square Enix sent out a new information batch about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. Today’s content covers the World of Incarnus, an area in the game with a new story inhabited by divine monsters known as Incarnus. Find the details rounded up below along with new screenshots courtesy of Gematsu. 

– The protagonist has saved Break World from crisis and safely taken back the memories he lost
– One day, he meets a mysterious creature named Tico that resembles a young bird
– Led by Tico, you arrive at the “World of Incarnus”
– This is a place where Incarnus live
– This opens the curtains on a new adventure set in the world inhabited by Inacrnus, monsters said to belong to the lineage of gods
– Visit the World of Incarnus with Tico
– A new story will unfold in this land of magical atmosphere
– The ecosystem in this world is different from that of Break World; monsters are huge
– All items are huge as well
– Since they’re so big, you can get a lot of items all at once
– There seems to be dangerous areas where monsters fight against each other in the World of Incarnus
– Use your drone to explore and witness the full impact battle up close
– The Village of Incarnus is the base area in the World of Incarnus
– There is not much of an indication of other people, and there doesn’t seem to be many residents
– The town has facilities run by Incarnus
– Incarnus come in all forms and varieties
– An altar-like structure can be found inside the town
– The protagonist visits the World of Incarnus after a strange encounter
– However, it will develop into an unforeseen incident that involves both the World of Incarnus and Break World
– The situation takes an unexpected turn with a certain request from Tico
– Characters from the Joker series will also appear to help the player
– A new threat will stand before the protagonist


Famitsu has a next batch of details about FuRyu’s new RPG The Alliance Alive in this week’s issue. Three main battle features are explained.

During battles, characters may raise their morale based on the movements chosen by players. Once morale has reached a certain point, they will activate something called “Ignition”.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 details

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Capcom sent out a wave of details about The Great Ace Attorney 2 today. There are some details about the plot and general setup, though most of the content recaps returning characters and systems. Find the full breakdown below, courtesy of Gematsu’s translation.

Dragon Quest Heroes I-II will be at the launch of Switch in Japan. Two games are included in the package, which in itself is a pretty good deal. On top of that though, Square Enix is introducing new content and making improvements. The company shared more details during the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 last week.

First, HD Rumble is being implemented. You will feel vibration from the Joy-Con when slashing enemies, and it differs for each monster. If you slash a Slime for example, it gives off something like a jelly feeling, and if you slash a Golem, a rough / hard vibration will be felt. Also, while you are slashing a bunch of enemies, you’ll be able to notice that a Metal Slime is hidden somewhere in the crowd.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X was recently announced for Japan. Now from an Amazon listing, first details about the game have arrived.

Fans can expect Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X to be the series’ definitive entry. The game lets players make a team using a maximum of five cards from a total of 3,300 cards and enjoy five-versus-five battles in a card battle adventure game with 3DS-original elements. Bandai Namco is packing in all eight Dragon Ball Heroes missions, all 10 “Galaxy Missions,” all eight “Evil Dragon Missions,” and all 10 “God Missions”. Over 240 characters are included, which is the highest in the series. New characters will be featured as well.

First-print copies of Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X come with a set of five cards for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: “Tokusei Hero Avatar Card,” “Son Goku: Xeno”, “Vegeta: Xeno,” “Darkness Majin Towa,” and “Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue).”

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Koei Tecmo is bringing Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII with Power-Up Kit to Switch in Japan on March 30. Before that though, another game will be released at the console’s launch. That one is Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power-Up Kit.

For the Switch edition, Koei Tecmo is packing in some original elements, such as new additions to the story. All DLC will also be included on the cartridge. And just like Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII the motion IR camera in the Joy-Con controller is used to create warlords based on things such as the target’s form and feel.

Some screenshots from Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power-Up Kit can be found below.

Nintendo opened the full Japanese Goodbye! BoxBoy! website today. New details about the game are shared, and we have news about how amiibo works.

Qbby and the rest of the gang who are riding the Box Ship are saving planets eroded by haze to restore the universe to its original form. With the ship, they head to a planet infested by haze, but Qbby ends up falling down to one planet in particular. The game picks up here.

As far as gameplay goes, first let’s go over the different powers:

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