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Koei Tecmo is bringing Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII with Power-Up Kit to Switch in Japan on March 30. Before that though, another game will be released at the console’s launch. That one is Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power-Up Kit.

For the Switch edition, Koei Tecmo is packing in some original elements, such as new additions to the story. All DLC will also be included on the cartridge. And just like Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII the motion IR camera in the Joy-Con controller is used to create warlords based on things such as the target’s form and feel.

Some screenshots from Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power-Up Kit can be found below.

Nintendo opened the full Japanese Goodbye! BoxBoy! website today. New details about the game are shared, and we have news about how amiibo works.

Qbby and the rest of the gang who are riding the Box Ship are saving planets eroded by haze to restore the universe to its original form. With the ship, they head to a planet infested by haze, but Qbby ends up falling down to one planet in particular. The game picks up here.

As far as gameplay goes, first let’s go over the different powers:

New Rime details

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IGN has posted a new preview of Rime that goes into detail as to how the game actually plays. Below, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the information. You can also read IGN’s full piece here.

Square Enix is back with another news update on Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. Today, the company shared new information and screenshots pertaining to the Super Life Fusion Modified feature and new monsters debuting in the game.

Here’s the roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

Super Life Fusion Modified

– Feature debuted in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3
– In this version, it has been enhanced to allow monsters to unleash more power than ever before
– It’s called Super Life Fusion Modified
– he greatest feature of this fusion is that the monsters born through it can reach a maximum level of 120
– With things like the skills it’s able to learn increased, it’s no exaggeration to say that it is the strongest method of fusion
– As you progress through the story, Super Life Fusion will evolve into Super Life Fusion Modified
– The modified fusion sees the rise of various capabilities
– The maximum cost to learn special traits rises, which will increase your variety of tactics as well


– Darck: monster famously known as a collector; grasps its shining jewel tightly when you ride it
– AsuraZoma: serious Zoma who has mastered the power of darkness; triumphs in both physical attacks and magic
– Semergias: monster famously known as the most evil and a god of battle; unleashes strong physical attacks using the weapons in both of its hands
– LordDraco: dragon beside himself in anger; brutal dragon who packs a punch when you ride it
– Baboon beast: four-eyed monster with the personality of a king drifting about him; never separated from his throne

Famitsu’s final issue of 2016 features another big report on The Alliance Alive. This week’s information batch covers various aspects about the game, including weapons, magic, and plenty more.

Our translation of Famitsu’s report is as follows:

The Ark Ship Brionac

The only ark ship in this universe that can go through the Black Current to travel between worlds. Created by an unknown civilization, many features are included. This will become the player’s moving base after it’s obtained, allowing for destinations to be chosen as well as form the party. Famitsu notes that Brionac’s bridge looks like a shrine, and each character will have their own personal room.

Square Enix is sharing another round of information about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional today. With the latest news, details focus on activities that can be done by player’s partner Nochorin.

There are three new things that the players can request of Nochorin:

1. Want to take a shortcut: Nochorin will allow players to skip parts of the story – either to the following story section or at the next boss; useful for those who have already played the original Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3.
2. Want to scout: Nochorin will scout monsters in player’s stead. It may fail when trying to scout strong monsters, but you can keep giving these requests at any time. There may be also monsters that can only be scouted by Nochorin.
3. Want to pick up items: Nochorin can also pick up items required by players. Depending on its mood, it may obtain a number of items in one go.

Another new feature is Ride Combine, which combines two monsters – one ridden by the player and one ridden by Nochorin – into a single stronger monster. However, it only seems to be available during battles. When combined, the player’s monster will become bigger and more powerful. There are also special skills and abilities that are exclusive to Ride Combine.

Examples of these skills include:

– Toumabakuenzan (Fighting Demon Explosive Fire Slash): engulfs the surrounding area in an explosive fire; the lower the user’s HP, the more damage will be dealt
– God’s Judgment: Drops fierce thunder from above, and deal enormous physical damage to all enemies

And a couple of examples for abilities:

– Dragon Killer: Self-explanatory; greatly raises damage against dragons
– Item Extreme Up: Extremely raises chances of enemies dropping items

Screenshots for today’s coverage are in the gallery below.

Dragon Quest XI details

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Square Enix finally shared an update on Dragon Quest XI during a stage show at Jump Festa today. Along with various videos, we also have new details about the game.

The following information was provided, as translated by Gematsu:


– Young man who lives in the calm village of Ishi
– Brought up soundly by the people of the warm village
– Game starts as he turns 16


– Reliable partner
– Blue-haired thief that the protagonist encounters on his journey
– There is a rude side to his behavior and speech
– Possesses a strong sense of duty and a warm heart
– As a partner used to the ways of the world, he supports and guides the novice protagonist


– The world in Dragon Quest XI is called “Rotozetasia”
– Casino is back
– In the casino, you’ll be able to play slots, poker, and mini-games that differ based on the hardware
– StreetPass support on 3DS


Koei Tecmo prepared a new set of Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death screenshots and details today. This time around, we’re able to learn more about the different gameplay systems. The images also show event scenes. We have the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Break Time

– Speak with your partner when it’s safe and titans aren’t around
– Choose what you want to talk about from the range of “topics” you procured during your exploration
– When you enter Break Time and have strong bonds with your partner, you may talk about private things that you wouldn’t normally talk about
– Your partner may come off as cold depending on the player’s choices


– Your “Despair” rises if you encounter a critical situation or make the wrong choices,
– If your level of Despair rises, you won’t be able to make normal decisions

Time Limit Choices

– Serious situations may limit the amount of time you have to make a choice
– Whether you’re able to make the right choice in a tense situation will be the key to your escape

Tool Screen

– Use this screen to check the tools you found during your exploration
– Find something useful for your escape through careful exploration

Return Alive from Despair with your Partner

– Mikasa appears when you’re in the despair that is the threat of an approaching titan
– Using the blades in her hands, she accurately slices the nape of the titan
– In order to rescue you from the point of death, Hanji implements certain strategies
– When you’re tired from fighting titans, and have come to the point where you’re soaked in their blood and drool, Levi will offer a shoulder to lean on
– It is this moment where the distance between them becomes much closer
– Even in an ominous old castle, Mikasa always appears calm
– Other than escaping, she also seems to be looking for Eren
– Hanji gets strangely excited about titans
– A desperate situation could be the ideal chance for Hanji to meet a titan


Tank Troopers details

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Nintendo announced Tank Troopers for 3DS during a Nintendo Direct back in September. In Japan, it’s hitting the eShop next Wednesday. Now we have new details about the game.

In the game, you can have your favorite trooper ride tanks and use special abilities. There are 30 single-player missions which have objectives like reaching the goal within the time limit, or fighting a giant tank. Stages have variation like lush grasslands, deserts with undulations, and a port with a dense formation of warehouses.

36 types of tanks and 13 troopers are included, each with different stats and abilities. You can pair up the tanks and troopers as you like to match up with the stage and battle features.

Tank Troopers supports up to six players in local multiplayer, including Download Play. However, in Download Play, everyone uses the same tank and trooper.


Super Mario Run details

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Thanks to a new Eurogamer preview, we have the latest details about Super Mario Run. A summary of information can be found below, with the full article at the source link.

– There are ways to briefly disrupt Mario’s ever-forwards movement and different paths through each level to follow, usually in pursuit of some hard-to-snag collectible
– These are exceptions rather than the norm
– Mario can roll jump, long jump, vault jump, perform a landing roll, parkor roll over enemies or pull off a stall jump to slow things down
– Can even mantle up onto ledges
– Most diverse 2D move-set ever for Mario
– Pause Blocks let you take a second to breathe and analyze the level in front of you
– They usually appear before a collectible you’ll need to react quickly to reach
– Use your new stall jump move by tapping and dragging backwards to slow Mario’s speed
– Can use one of Mario’s life bubbles to float backwards and take another crack at a collectible
– 24 levels at launch
– Play the first four for free
– No free-to-play mechanics, no in-game currency
– World Tour: face your friends’ level times and high-scores
– Toad Rally bases its levels on those of the main game, but offers twists to different sections to always keep you on your toes
– The object here is more about completing the level with more style
– Get points for stylish jumps, enemies stomped, coins collected and all number of other things
– Progress then gets totted up in the form of Toads who come to watch your run
– The winner between you and a friend (or other random player) gets to keep all the Toads as inhabitants of your own Mushroom Kingdom
– Kingdom Builder lets you spend the coins you collect on features for your own little Mushroom Kingdom
– Trees and warp pipes up to new Toad Houses available
– Toad Houses offer bonuses every so often
– Homes for unlockable characters such as Yoshi and Luigi
– You’ll need a certain level of Toad population before you can unlock the more elaborate objects
– A high enough level of Toads will even allow you to expand your miniature Mushroom Kingdom into multiple screens


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