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The Nintendo UK store is celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. with special merchandise.

Fans can get their hands on various pieces of clothing, including various playful prints featuring Mario and his friends in a range of regular t-shirts, plus a long-sleeve t-shirt design and a hoodie design. These items come in kids sizes starting from 3-4 years and adult sizes up to 2XL.



During this weekend’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation, director Masahiro Sakurai gave a first look at new amiibo. Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, and Byleth are all planned.

Unfortunately, the figures won’t be releasing any time soon. Nintendo has confirmed that the next round of Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo will release in 2021. Previously, they were given a vague 2021 window.



Jet Set Radio

Hideki Naganuma made a name for himself at SEGA where he worked on games such as Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. He left the company over a decade ago, but has still contributed to a few different titles for other studios, including Hover and Lethal League Blaze.

Naganuma recently shared some interesting information about his career goals on Twitter. Apparently, he attempted to join Nintendo previously – twice in fact – but “didn’t pass.” Naganuma was told “that there’s no position that I can display my ability to the full.”

Naganuma’s full words:

This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s video, Kit and Krysta play Animal Crossing: New Horizons to kick off the fall. Check out the full episode below.

Monster Hunter movie

IGN has posted a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie. Get a look at the brief video below.

The Monster Hunter film will initially debut in December.

Monster Hunter Rise amiibo

GameStop has opened pre-orders for all of the new Monster Hunter Rise amiibo. If interested, you can reserve them here. Remember that these are GameStop exclusive in the United States.

Pricing for the amiibo is now officially confirmed. Magnamalo is the most expensive at $24.99, followed by Palico and Palamute at $19.99 each.

The Monster Hunter Rise amiibo launch alongside the main game on March 26, 2021.

Nintendo logo

Piracy has long been an ongoing battle for Nintendo. There’s been a bit of a breakthrough for the company, as two members of Team Xecuter have been arrested. Team Xecuter has impacted various Nintendo platforms including Switch, 3DS, and the Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition.

Here’s the full report from the U.S. Department of Justice:

LEGO Super Mario - Toad's Special Hideaway

A new Expansion Set has been revealed for the LEGO Super Mario line. Consumers can purchase Toad’s Special Hideaway, which “features a buildable house from Toad Village, a Toad figure for LEGO Mario to interact with and a ? Block offering different rewards.”

Here’s a full overview:

More: ,

To kick off October, My Nintendo has updated with a bunch of new rewards. Fans may be most interested in new physical items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but there are other additions as well.

Here’s the full lineup:

Nintendo logo

Have you recovered from the last round of Nintendo leaks? You know, the ones involving a whole bunch of N64 discoveries, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl beta sprites, proposals for a portable GameCube with dock and powerful GameCube successor, and cancelled Game Boy titles (just to name a few). Well, the leaks are starting up yet again.

The latest leaks include a host of different material. They’re related to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ROMs, Pokemon Ranger ROMs, 3DS tools, and Famicom Disk System lotcheck master ROMs.


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