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Ubisoft has announced a brand new fitness title for Wii at their E3 2009 press conference:

– Called Your Shape
– Comes with camera
– Camera used to scan body
– Camera attaches to Wii USB port
– Become a part of the game when the camera scans you

Ubisoft just confirmed at their E3 2009 press conference that Red Steel 2 will be bundled with Wii MotionPlus. A few other details about the game below:

– 60 FPS
– Team focused on quick, responsive gameplay
– Realism with graphic novel approach
– Customizable controls

Red Steel 2 trailer

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Unfortunately IGN is having some issues with embedding, but click on this link for 14 minuts of in-game footage.

Wondering which games Nintendo will be featuring at their booth during this week? Well, a few rumors have popped up that tell us which titles they might be. A NeoGAF member claims to have had a quick look at Nintendo’s booth. According to the user, there were huge Sin and Punishment 2/Endless Ocean 2 banners. The Sin and Punishment 2 rumor is not the first time it has appeared. Another member also claimed to have seen the banner. Last but not least, Luigi, a Mario brick square, and a coin were also located in the area.

Here’s one last rumor, but please let me stress that yes, this is speculation and should only be taken as a rumor – for now. According to “Annoying Old Party Man” on NeoGAF, it was said in more or less words that Zelda Wii will be announced tomorrow. Of course, I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t believe in the user at all. Believe it or not, “Annoying Old Party Man” predicted last night that Halo Reach would be revealed – And we all know what happened at Microsoft’s conference today. But again, this is by no means a confirmation. It was additionally stressed that the user’s source does not have concrete information about Nintendo’s conference, seeing as how Nintendo is unpredictable. At the same time, however, “Annoying Old Party Man” said that his source “knows about the new Zelda.”

Source 1, Source 2

EA announced at their E3 2009 press conference today that their new fitness title, EA Sports Active, has sold 600,000 units in two weeks. This is one of the most successful third-party launches on the Wii. Additionally, it was announced that an expansion pack is on the way and will release this holiday.

I mentioned this a big yesterday, but I wanted to reiterate that we will indeed be covering conferences for both EA and Ubisoft today. I’m pretty sure that Ubisoft will be focusing on at least Red Steel 2 and Rabbids Go Home. EA will definitely have some Nintendo news as well.

Anyways, here are the times for both conferences:

EA – 5:00 PM EST/2:00 PM PST
Ubisoft – 8:00 PM EST/5:00 PM PST

ESRB updates

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Knock ‘Em Downs: Worlds Fair (DS) – E
Rainbow Islands: Towering Adenture! (Wii) – E
Space Bust-A-Move (DS) – E
UNO (DSi) – E
HB Arcade Cards (Wii) – E
Marker Man Adventures (DS) – E
My Hero: Firefighter (DS) – E
Garfield Gets Real (DS) – E
Bit.Trip Core (Wii) – E
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (DS) – E


This was at the end of the newest FFCC: The Crystal Bearers trailer. Looks like it’s not too far away!


Harness the power of a raging tornado and battle the forces of evil in an effort to save the world!

El Segundo, Calif. – June 1, 2009 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced that Zephyr: Rise of the Elementals is currently in development for Wii™, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.

Sinister forces have deceived you to believe that your destructive behavior will save an epic hero. In reality, you’re working for evil. Take control of a dynamic tornado as you tear through open environments, chewing up the landscape and spitting out everything in your path. The more you destroy, the bigger you grow as you work against time based, collection and point challenges in the search for hidden elements and enemies from another world. Zephyr provides expansive sandbox type gameplay and real time destruction allowing gamers to destroy what they want, when they want, where they want!