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First Kizuna video

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Gardening Mama debut trailer

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DSi 41,839
PSP 29,552
Xbox 360 25,334
Wii 16,973
PS3 16,149
DS Lite 9,975
PS2 5,029


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EA seems to be stepping up their support for the Wii with the likes of Dead Space: Extraction and will continue for foreseeable future. EA COO John Pleasants spoke today about the company’s support for Nintendo’s system. According to Pleasants, 25 Wii SKUs are in development. Better yet, all of those projects are not ports and are being made specifically for the console in mind.

“For the first time, the idea that EA and Wii are two powerful companies that support each other is something we can market,” he said, adding that his company can position itself as one that is “unlocking the power of the Wii.”

“This was a specific design decision. Hudson’s core design philosophy prohibits explicit violence between people playing a game. I know what you’re thinking: what about Bomberman? Well, that’s because he’s a cute little cartoon character and technically, if you go way back in his history, he’s a robot. In Onslaught, it would be people shooting each other in the face with guns, which goes against our philosophy. If we could have done deathmatch in this game, we would have, and I guarantee you I’d be having a blast playing it online against you.” – Amar Gavhane, the associate brand manager over at Hudson

“[On DSiWare titles] Now, as far as which ones, that’s still TBD.” – Amar Gavhane, the associate brand manager over at Hudson



Course: SNES Battle Course 4
Main objective: Collect coins
Secondary objective: Beat the course with the fastest time
Tournament date: 3/1 – 3/10