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Polygon has some additional comments from Koji Igarashi about his recent departure from Konami as well as what lies ahead. Read on below for his thoughts, and check out the site’s full piece here.

“Metroidvania” is a term that’s commonly used in the gaming industry today. Initially though, longtime Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi “was surprised by the name.”

That’s what Igarashi told USGamer while speaking about Metroidvania. He also revealed how he originally set out to make “a Legend of Zelda style game.”

He said:

“I was actually surprised by the name. In my heart, I really wanted to create a Legend of Zelda style game. But I suppose that when you turn Zelda into a 2D platformer, yes, it resembles Metroid. I thought it was because of the game’s super jump, which is very similar to Super Metroid’s.”

“When I left Konami, they told me I couldn’t use the name Castlevania when talking about my plans. So it was actually really handy that the word ‘Metroidvania’ existed!”


Kotaku was able to talk with Koji Igarashi before he officially announced his departure from Konami. He discussed why he’s leaving the company, the Lords of Shadow series and why it would have been difficult for him to be involved, and what lies ahead for the future (Kickstarter is a possibility!).

We’ve rounded up Igarashi’s comments below. Also be sure to check out Kotaku’s full article here.

GameSpot has put up a bunch of new comments from Big Red Button Entertainment’s Bob Rafei. For the most part, Rafei’s his pertain to the new character designs in Sonic Boom.

You can find Rafei’s words below, or over on GameSpot. Also be sure to check out some pieces of art above, including a look at Eggman.

ONM has put up its full interview with Zelda series producer and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds composer Ryo Nagamatsu. Between the two, there’s talk about the need to innovate with the franchise, how A Link Between Worlds has created a new direction for potential Zelda games which make use of the top-down view, and more.

Head past the break for comments from Aonuma and Nagamatsu. You can find even more quotes on ONM here.

The first Zelda game had a completely open nature. By comparison, some of the more recent titles became more linear.

According to series producer Eiji Aonuma, this happened because he “thought players didn’t like getting lost, wondering what to do, or where to go.” But starting with A Link Between Worlds, Aonuma has started to question some of the series’ traditional elements.

Aonuma told ONM:

“The recent Zelda games have been rather linear, as I thought players didn’t like getting lost, wondering what to do, or where to go. However, I’ve come to question this ‘traditional’ approach as I felt that we couldn’t gain the sense of wonder that existed in the original Legend of Zelda, in which you made unexpected encounters and where what used to be impossible would suddenly become possible.”

“We will, of course, continue to question and reconsider the approaches we have taken in the past without any reservations.”


Using a live orchestra for the music in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was never up for consideration. Composer Ryo Nagamatsu told ONM this month that doing so wouldn’t have provided suitable sound for the 3DS speakers.

For A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo hoped to appeal to those who play the game with and without headphones. As such, the team wanted “orchestra-quality sounds that had the appropriate reverberation and instrumental arrangement for the Nintendo 3DS speakers.”

Nagamatsu’s comments in full:

Chrono Trigger will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. Wouldn’t it be great if Square Enix were to do something new with IP… like a new game, maybe? Well, don’t count on that happening.

In a “Final Fantasy Go There Special Interview” conducted by Square Enix Members Japan, the company’s Kitase Yoshinori pointed out that creating a Chrono Trigger sequel would be a big hurdle. Toriyama Motomu also mentioned how contacting Yuji Horii and Hironobu Sakaguchi would be necessary if it were to be made. To conclude, Yoshida Naoki said that a new Chrono Trigger would seem quite unlikely to happen as of now.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds both offer Hero modes. In the former title, it’s accessible right away. But in A Link Between Worlds, players must complete the game before tackling the more difficult mode.

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma discussed why this is so while speaking with ONM. In the magazine’s latest issue, he explained that some gamers may have already played Wind Waker on GameCube, but since A Link Between Worlds is brand new, the team “felt that it was more suitable to have the players first enjoy the game at an appropriate difficulty level and then let them try a harder challenge.”

Aonuma’s comments in full:

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