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Just Dance Kids screenshots

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NBA Jam footage

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– Called Domination Mode
– Need to make a shot from several spots on the court
– The spot that you hit the shot from lights up with your color
– Dr. J is your opponent, is one of the bosses in the game
– Dr. J has a pattern to his movements: Will go to the closest player-owned spot, will try to get it for himself
– If you hit a shot in the mode while on fire, each spot on the court will turn to your color
– Need to hold the most spots before time expires
– 2-on-2 Domination also available
– Obtain more points than the other team by using the same set of spots from one-on-one domination
– 3 points when you light up a spot, will go down from there if you don’t make another shot on the same spot
– All of your hot spots will refresh, will be in your control longer if you hit a shot before the spot switches back to neutrality


Leaked Guitar Hero setlist

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1.)A Perfect Circle – “The Outsider”
2.)Aerosmith – “Cryin'”
3.)AFI – “Dancing Through Sunday”
4.)Alice Cooper – “No More Mr. Nice Guy”
5.)Alter Bridge – “Ties That Bind”
6.)Anberlin – “Feel Good Drag”
7.)Anthrax – “Indians”
8.)Arch Enemy – “Nemesis”
9.)Atreyu – “Ravenous”
10.)Avenged Sevenfold – “Bat Country”

Ubisoft unveils Just Dance Kids

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I have a feeling you guys will find this announcement nothing short of riveting…

New Video Game Features Dance Moves to the Hottest Kids’ Pop Songs and Classic Kids’ Favorites

SAN FRANCISCO – August 6, 2010 – Today, Ubisoft announced the development of Just Dance Kids, a new video game title in the multi-million selling Just Dance franchise and the No. 1 selling music/rhythm franchise on the Nintendo Wii™ system. Developed exclusively for Nintendo Wii™, Just Dance Kids includes a variety of kid-friendly songs with over 40 fun dances created by professional choreographers and led by real kids. The game will launch exclusively in North America in November 2010.

“Kids will instantly recognize the hit tunes featured in Just Dance Kids and enjoy learning fun choreography designed with them in mind,” said Adam Novickas, U.S. director of marketing at Ubisoft. “Just Dance Kids is a great way for the family to interact together and learn new dance routines, in addition to providing a great form of exercise – as players will be moving and grooving to the entertaining dance moves.”

Shining Legend art

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Make sure to also check out the game’s website!

Pokemon Black/White magazine pictures

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Torrance, Calif., (August 6, 2010) – XSEED Games is pleased to announce today that Ivy the Kiwi? has gone gold and will begin shipping to retailers across North America August 24th, 2010. Ivy the Kiwi? will be available on Wii for the suggested retail price of $29.99 and on Nintendo DS for the suggested retail price of $19.99. Developed by PROPE, the development studio led by the legendary creator of Sonic Yuji Naka, Ivy the Kiwi? is rated “E” for everyone.

An eye-catching game inspired by classic children’s tales and hand-drawn art, Ivy the Kiwi? follows the storybook adventures of lonely baby bird Ivy as she traverses beautiful 2-D landscapes and challenging obstacles in search of her mother and identity. In a nod to classic adventure tales and heroines before her, Ivy begins her journey against great odds and with a grand entrance—a great fall from the sky. From the forest floor amidst a bed of leaves, her journey begins. It becomes quickly apparent that Ivy is alone. Frightened and unable to fly, she sets off through a dreamy forest on foot—or is it claw? Many creatures peek from behind leaves and rocks to investigate the mysterious little creature, but none with the same fiery red coloring as she. As she wanders, Ivy stumbles upon a single red feather, the first clue to her mother’s whereabouts and the catalyst of the little heroine’s quest.

Shining Legend announced for DS

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– Developed by Blue Seed (Kingdom Under Fire)
– Action RPG
– Will see over 40 lands
– More than 400 quests
– A dozen endings
– Play as Prince Luchs of Alterrain
– Luchs was exiled to “the Land of Sand” when he was fourteen
– Luchs has returned, five years later
– The nation is in debt, his father has died
– Luchs finds out that in Juhon, a neighboring nation, seven princesses have gone missing
– Big reward available for the person who finds the princesses
– Luchs and his talking cat Morgan start looking for the princesses, hope to get money, and maybe find romance
– Releasing this winter in Japan