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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Switch sold quite well in its first week in Japan. Between September 7 and September 10, it sold about 24,000 copies.

Dengeki adds that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sold through 80 percent of its initial shipment. Indeed, that’s a high percentage. Bandai Namco previously said that the game was selling out in the country and more shipments will be carried out later in the month. The sell-through rate tells us that 30,000 copies were sent to stores for the initial batch.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be out this coming week in North America and Europe. It’ll be interesting to see how the game does in the west.


Last night, a returning map from the original Splatoon was added to Splatoon 2: Kelp Dome. If you’re interested in seeing how the stage compares to how it appeared originally, watch the comparison below.

Bandai Namco has new content planned for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. A new scan from V Jump reveals the latest upcoming DLC.

Dabura, Gohan-absorbed form of Super Buu and Zamasu are coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Zamasu will be available to teach created characters his attacks as a master / mentor.

A release date for the new DLC hasn’t been announced, but we should have more news soon.


Cave Story+ was supposed to receive an update yesterday. Nicalis has announced the the latest patch would add co-op. For whatever reason though, it has yet to gone live.

Nicalis is aware of the situation. We don’t have any news just yet, but the company will be working with Nintendo to get the update up as soon as possible.


Another round of data is in from this month’s NPD report. Along with the best-sellers on Switch and 3DS specifically for the month of August, we also have a list of the games that have sold the best in the U.S. so far over the last twelve months. Continue on below for the full results.

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Nintendo tends to keep its games relatively small. With Super Mario Odyssey, the trend continues. A listing on Nintendo’s Japanese store shows that just 5.7GB will be required for the digital version.

Other Nintendo-published Switch games are similarly small. ARMS is just 2.2GB and Splatoon 2 is 3.1GB, for instance.

In case you’re curious, Super Mario Odyssey is a bigger than the last Mario 3D outing. On Wii U, Super Mario 3D World is about 1.7GB.


Nintendo updated the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles 2 website this week. On it, new direct-feed battle footage is posted. We’ve rounded up the clips in the video below.

A new Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night development update has been published on the official Kickstarter page. In a post primarily handled by creator Koji Igarashi, the Japanese voice cast is introduced.

Voice actors for eight different characters are now known. Another actor is also named, but the character he plays is currently a secret. We’ll be hearing about him “soon”.

Here’s the full lowdown from Igarashi:

Famitsu held a live stream yesterday and showed a bunch of footage from Champion Jockey Special on Switch. Watch the full recording below.

Splatoon 2 received another wave of new content tonight. The returning stage Kelp Dome was added in along with the Heavy Splatling Deco weapon. Check out footage of both below.


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