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SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 13, 2009 – Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI), and Nickelodeon today announced a global partnership where the two companies will create an all-new videogame based on the number-one live-action kids’ television show iCarly. Releasing internationally this Fall, the videogame will bring the interactive elements from the series to WiiTM and Nintendo DSTM for the first time.

“iCarly is a groundbreaking show that encourages viewers to contribute content of their own,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. “This game is a natural extension of that creativity, and allows players to interact with the characters they know and love through a variety of different ways, any time they like.”

GoldenEye 007 is one of the most revered Nintendo 64 classics. Many Wii owners would love to see the game hit the VC service, there’s a good chance that may never happen. Martin Hollis admitted to the Official Nintendo Magazine that legal issues could prevent 007 from arriving on the Wii Shop Channel.

“There’s always someone with some exclusivity agreement, so there’s lots of lawyers… I’m not going to hold my breath. I’d love it to happen, but I can’t see it.”

Playlogic continues its aggressive growth plans by delivering existing and new IP direct to the North American market!

Amsterdam/New York – May 13, 2009 – Playlogic Entertainment, Inc. (Nasdaq OTC: PLGC.OB), an independent worldwide publisher of entertainment software, announced today that it has become an official Publisher for Nintendo of America, Inc.

Playlogic has enjoyed numerous successful Nintendo platform releases in Europe and is pleased to bring new titles to the North American market. It will expand its Nintendo library of titles starting in 2009 and the first games to be released are Pool Hall Pro (Wii™/PC), Vertigo (Wii/PC) Sudoku Ball™ – Detective (Wii/Nintendo DS™/PC), and the 20th Century Fox License Aliens in the Attic (Wii/DS/PlayStation®2 system/PC) based on the upcoming feature film. Launch dates for these North American titles will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Becoming an official Nintendo publisher for North America is very integral to our growth strategy for 2009,” said Rogier Smit, executive vice president of Playlogic. “We have a really strong line-up of titles for the DS, Nintendo DSi and Wii platforms and are confident that our games will be very competitive in the Canadian and US marketplace.”

City Racer DS press release

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London: Candella Systems Ltd and Rega Interactive are pleased to announce City Racer DS™, a pure arcade racing game for the Nintendo DS.

The game is set in real-world cities and locations in North America, Europe and Africa such as
• London
• San Francisco
• Washington D.C
• Berlin
• Paris
• Rome
• Cairo

Famitsu review scores

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Uncharted Waters Online – Cruz del Sur (PS3) – 9/9/8/10
Takt of Magic (Wii) – 8/8/8/7
Mass Effect (360) – 9/9/8/8
Simple DS Vol. 48 (DS) – 8/6/6/5
Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! 2 (DS) – 10/9/8/9
Kotae (DS): 8/6/6/ 5
Yuuzai x Muzai (DS): 8/8/8/ 8
Sloan to Michael: Nazo no Monogatari (DS): 8/8/8/8

Will update this post if there happen to be any other scores that pop up…

Monster Hunter G was a decent port, but it was only a sidedish for the main course – Monster Hunter 3. And now the game has finally been dated in Japan. According to some of the latest Famitsu scans making the rounds, the game will launch in Japan on August 1st. The images also show that there is some sort of limited edition package in the works and will sell for 9440 yen.

Arc Rise Fantasia screenshots

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“I think around 20 percent of Wii owners in the US and Europe will have bought Wii Sports Resort, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 or EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis, so that’s around eight million. I think another two million will buy MotionPlus with new consoles. I expect MotionPlus to be a sneaky success (like Wii Fit), and ultimately attach to at least one third of the [Wii’s] installed base.anwhile, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich was slightly more cautious in his short-term sales estimates, although he expects the add-on to be largely successful in the long run.” – Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter

“At this time, we do know that pre-orders are relatively strong, compared to other Wii products. By the end of the holidays, the Wii MotionPlus install base in North America and Europe should be well over three million. Of course, our forecast could be conservative… Yearly sales could balloon much higher. For the Wii MotionPlus, we currently expect the install base to reach over 11 million units by the end of Nintendo’s next fiscal year in March 2011, a 15 percent penetration.” – EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich

I believe that Wii MotionPlus is going to be very successful. Unlike Nintendo’s previous peripherals, I feel as though all types of Wii owners will wish to purchase the product. Hardcore gamers will be interested in titles such as Red Steel 2 while the more casual gamers will enjoy Wii Sports Resort.



EA Sports Active trailer

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Thanks to _Contra_ for the news tip!

On the 45th Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, it was revealed that Nintendo was holding an event with the press which would focus on a secret game. Then on the latest podcast released yesterday, it was reconfirmed that the event would take place today. So just what was at the event? Apparently something that will cause gamers to become “excited” and the good news is that there will be additional news “soon.” Keep in mind that this game has yet to be revealed to the public.

“Yo, @craigign here. Why was I at Nintendo today? I think you’ll be excited when I can talk about it. Soon.” – IGN Craig’s Twitter

Thanks to Jake for the news tip!