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Look Forward: Nintendo in 2011

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A lot is happening next year for gaming. Tons of highly anticipated titles will be released (we hope), but the future is ever moving, and things easily change. What might get delayed? What could get announced? What – god forbid – will get canceled all together? What might Nintendo bring to the table? I have a few ideas:

Update: Game Night is now over!

Goodness gracious, I have had a busy day! From getting stranded outside in the cold to missing 4 buses in a row to get home and breaking all the zippers on my laptop bag! I think the one thing I need right now is to sit down on a comfy couch and play some video games with you cool cats. That’s why we have game night, right?

Game(s): Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii), possibly some Mario Kart or another game if you don’t have Black Ops.
Time: 7PM EST, 4PM PST (about 1 hour from when this is posted)

If you’re going to play, it’d be super helpful if you could post your codes here instead of in the IRC, but don’t sweat it if you can’t do it until later. Thanks a bunch, guys!


Dear whomever reads this,

You are hereby chosen. Chosen for what, you ask? Chosen to be the guinea pig for my new video style episodic thing nonsense. This means you must watch, and you must analyze the video above, and then comment down below regarding what you thought of it. Consider it a weekly video podcast of sorts, and pay no mind to the shoddy quality of jokes and dialogue; the style is what I’m curious about! I appreciate the feedback, guys!


Recently, I was listening to an episode of IGN’s Game Scoop podcast. On there, ex-Nintendo editor in chief Craig Harris made an interesting comment that got me thinking. During a discussion about the PlayStation Move’s “modest” debut, Harris brought up how, while everyone is playing catch-up with motion gaming, Nintendo isn’t focusing on that element anymore. The examples he used included nearly all of Nintendo’s major releases for the holiday season, which are mostly traditional games with no special use of the motion controller. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and GoldenEye are those titles.

Game Night! (11/26)

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Update: Game Night is now over!

Join up with us for more Goldeneye this week! Hop in the IRC, have your friend code ready, and we’ll be good to go. Enjoy your night!

GoldenEye 007 review

Posted on 8 years ago by (@NE_Austin) in Reviews, Wii | 5 Comments | 0 Likes

Game Info:

System: Nintendo Wii
Category: First-person shooter
Players: 4 player split-screen, 8 player online
Developer: Eurocom
Publisher: Activision

I’m in a rather unique position as a reviewer of Goldeneye right now: I’ve never actually had the joy of experiencing the single player campaign of the original 1997 title, and I certainly never saw the 1995 movie that goes along with it. Because of that, I feel like I almost have a special perspective on this re-imagining of that classic N64 title that not many people get, but playing through this game has convinced me that perhaps I should go back and give the original game a shot, if only to understand where this sequel came from and what has changed since then.

Game Info:

System: Nintendo Wii
Category: Platformer
Players: 1
Developer: Dimps, Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega

It goes without saying that most modern Sonic games haven’t exactly been great. After the hedgehog made the jump from two dimensions to three, he’s been stuck in a downward spiral filled with annoying animal friends, werehogs, and bizarre interspecies romances. Sonic needed a return to his glory days, and who better to attempt this than the developers of the surprisingly good Sonic Rush and the Sonic Advance series, Dimps. With Sonic 4, Dimps were tasked with creating a Sonic game that would both bring back fond memories of Sonic Team’s early games on the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive, still be an entertaining 2D platformer, and please Sonic’s unappeasable fanbase. Did they manage to pull off all of these things? No, not really.

Note: The following feature was written entirely by Adrian Madriz, one of our Goldeneye 007 contest winners.


I seriously think that my physical copy of GoldenEye 64 was cursed.

Not cursed in a bad way mind you. It actually turned out to be quite handy on certain occasions. But there was no denying between me and my friends that there were some seriously strange and spooky things that happened around that game cartridge—things that might be explained by coincidence… or maybe demons?

Anyway, some context for your curious eyes. I bought my copy of GoldenEye in conjunction with my (then) best friend Giovanni. He payed for one half of the game, and I the other half. This would later turn out to be a decision that would lead to the end of our friendship as we simply couldn’t decide who was the “true” owner of the game. Petty I know, but this was no small matter. This was GoldenEye. And not just any copy of GoldenEye, the copy of GoldenEye that anyone would pay 10 times the amount that we paid for if they knew what it could do.

Just a quick note: Game night tonight will be at 7PM Central (5 minutes from now) rather than 6PM as I said on Thursday. We are still playing Goldeneye, so grab your copies and join the IRC when it gets posted in an hour!

Look forward to seeing you there!