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Game Info:

System: Nintendo DS
Category: RPG
Players: 1-4
Release date: July 11, 2010
Developer: Level-5/Square Enix
Publisher: Nintendo

Dragon Quest has always been a huge hit in Japan, but has never quite managed to capture the same attention elsewhere. It seems more likely, in comparison to past DQ games that the release of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies will lead to greater worldwide success. Never before has a primary Dragon Quest game been released on a handheld – in fact, it is designed for the best-selling portable video game console of all time. Moreover, the title features a mix of classic role-playing gameplay as well as a few new additions and modifications that make this particular title a worthy addition to the series.

As if it wasn’t already easy enough to guess, and have started up a joint podcast, headed by yours truly! To jump right into it, the first episode was recorded today with staff members from both NE and GE, as well as some people you’ve never heard of, so give it a listen as I explain exactly what this all means with a helpful FAQ. Thanks a bunch for support, you guys, and I really truly hope you find the podcast enjoyable! If not, definitely let me know what we can do to make it better for you to hear!


You said this was a GamingEverything and NintendoEverything joint podcast. Does this mean you’ll talk about one system more than any other?

Nope! It is technically a multiplatform podcast, but it’s really casual in terms of which systems get expressed in which ways. Don’t expect any flaming going on in here!

Should I bother listening to this if I only visit

Yes, absolutely! Not only do we cover a lot of important Nintendo news, most Nintendo-centric podcasts have a lot of talk of the other systems, so it should be completely bearable if not enjoyable to you.

Is this podcast on iTunes? Can I subscribe to it?

The answer is both yes and no. It is not on iTunes yet but it will be by this time next week. I’ll let you all know when it is and how you can subscribe to it as soon as it is! For now, just download the raw MP3 or listen to it in your browser!

Who all in on the podcast?

The podcast team this particular episode consists of 5 people:

Austin: That would be me. The GamingEverything and NintendoEverything feature-writer who pops in and out at random times.

Jack: Jack is a writer for GamingEverything who is also an avid Nintendo fan.

Mitch: Mitch is another GamingEverything writer, who is a pretty well rounded gamer, but has a soft spot in his heart for Sony.

Nick: Nick is simply a friend who enjoys playing games and talking about them. He is a staff member on neither site.

Laura: Laura, our sole female, is a gamer who also does not write for either site, but contributes to the podcast with her love of gaming.


If you have any other questions, post them in the comments or e-mail them to me at [email protected] Otherwise, I’ll let the podcast speak entirely for itself!

NGE Podcast: Episode 1: Memoirs of a Ke$ha (Click to listen, right click and “Save As” to download!)

Review: I Spy: Universe

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Game Info:

System: Nintendo DS
Category: Puzzle
Players: 1
Developer: Scholastic
Publisher: Scholastic

When I was a kid, I loved the I Spy series of books. I’ve owned quite a few different editions, including the original I Spy and my personal favorite I Spy: Haunted House. To this day I’ll occasionally go back and glance through them, noticing little things I never did before and getting a little blast of nostalgia from many years back. When I received an e-mail from Scholastic Media offering me a review copy of the game, I certainly couldn’t refuse. After all, what’s better than the content of several I Spy books all in one cartridge? Well, apparently quite a bit…

If you bought any PAL version of Super Mario Galaxy 2, then congratulations! Nintendo automatically assumes that you’re a moron! As well as featuring in-game tutorials and demonstrations, the game comes with the usual instruction manual, a shortened “pull-out” version showing the control scheme, an instructional DVD titled “Super Mario Galaxy for Beginners” and yet another manual explaining the DVD.

Kind of overkill.

Last week I began what is to be known from here on out as the “Gaming Backlog Challenge” with “Call of Duty 2: Big Red One” on the Playstation 2. My goal? The start and finish the game in 1 week’s time as a kick off to eliminating my entire backlog of games once and for all. Following that, I’d pick another game on my list and complete that game within the week as well. Since I’m already off to a good start, I might as well keep the ball rolling, but first let me introduce a new player to the “Gaming Backlog Challenge”, a staff writer on our sister site GamingEverything, Mitch! He decided that he had a large backlog as well and needed to make some headway, so check out his post for the details on what he’s doing. I strongly encourage all of you to join us as well, so just e-mail me at [email protected] if you want to get in on it and I’ll add you to next week’s post!

Now, normally I’d have a short review up of the game I had just played, but I did a feature over on GamingEverything over the week that sort of made my feelings about the game clear. Check it out if you’re curious!

Just in case you missed it, part 1 covered the first eight years of E3 from 1995 to 2002. If you haven’t read it yet and want to feel older than you really are, take a look at it. For everyone else, let’s jump straight into 2003.

Just pretend all the paper gets turned into video games by a witch or something.

Last week I got ahold of a really sweet shelf to store all of my video games on, and while my collection isn’t the biggest or best out there, I’d say that I’ve got a good amount of games. Here’s the problem with having a good amount of games: You don’t have time to play them all. Every single gamer has a backlog of games, some bigger than others, and I’m ashamed to say that my backlog is quite a hefty one. A little while back I read a post on GoNintendo talking about the administrator’s (Kevin Cassidy) massive backlog of games, and reading that post inspired me to finally take action in completing MY backlog. Along the way, I hope that you guys join me and work on your backlogs as well. If you do, e-mail me at [email protected] whenever you beat a game and I’ll be sure to post about it on the site! Include a story/explanation if you want, but no pressure. Anyway, onto MY backlog:

God of War

Viewtiful Joe

Call of Duty: Big Red One

Ratchet: Deadlocked

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Boom Blox

ExciteBots: Trick Racing

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Dead Space: Extraction

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Little King’s Story

Star Wars: Rogue Leader

Resident Evil (GCN)

Super Mario World

Super Metroid

Sin and Punishment

The Challenge

A lot of games, am I right? So here’s my plan: Beat one of these games every week and write about my experience with it as motivation to keep plugging away. For all of you out there, it’s time for you to delve into your backlog as well. Join me in my quest to finish all of the games I own and write to me about them. Each week, every single person that tells me their finished game will get put up on the site to bask in their glory for a bit, and then move onto the next one. Who’s with me? Anyone?

This week’s game…

Yes, I know that E3 ended a few weeks ago so writing about it this year’s show would be a bit irrelevant. That’s why I’m going to be REALLY irrelevant and take a look back at the last sixteen years of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, focusing specifically on all the games and hardware shown off by Nintendo. So let’s pretend that Pluto is still a planet and that Sonic is still popular as we travel back in time to the mid 90’s…

Hey, guys! Another long day of news, am I right? Well, I’ve been hard a work on this article for you to read over, and it covers just about everything you’d need to know about Nintendo’s E3 if you missed it! Feel free to skip around to the games you’re interested in to see my thoughts on them, and be sure to toss a comment or two in at the end so I know what you all think of what I think!

The image above is based on a drawing created by a Chinese blogger who says he has a 3DS development kit. There are also a number of unconfirmed details about the system, which we’ve posted below.

– 3D camera
– Differently-designed screens
– The blogger says “the effect of the [3D] screen is amazing.”
– MP3/AAC hardware decode function
– Media player
– Will have a second, proprietary medium for 3DS games
– 3DS titles will fit on a card similar in size to a Compact Flash card
– May be able to put in 3DS and DS games in the same slot
– Might not have an analog stick
– Possible tilt sensor/accelerometer
– Might be as powerful as the Wii

Original drawing from the Chinese blogger below:

You know, I really can’t wait until the 3DS is shown on Tuesday. All of the speculation and mock-ups are driving me crazy!