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Sitting down inside the Nokia Theater for the first time to see Nintendo’s E3 press conference was incredibly electric. Everyone knew that we’d be seeing the first of a new system today, and after each trailer finished and announcement was wrapped up, everything would lean forward hoping that the next order of business was the mysterious ‘Project Cafe’. After half an hour or so, our wishes were granted, and we saw footage of what everyone was waiting for. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed at the whole thing.

Sure, the curtain was pulled back on the WiiU, we got some new info on games like Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D, and there were a plethora of new game announcements from third party developers, but at the end of the day, everything felt a little under-done.

E3 is so, so close. We’re just a few days before Nintendo spills their guts about their brand new console and many other games that fans will be looking forward to. It’s such a strange feeling that their conference is almost here, since, to me at least, it feels like E3 2010 just ended! Perhaps I’m still on a high after the impressive showing Nintendo had last year.

E3 2011 is comparable to last year’s event for many reasons. In particular, we know that Zelda: Skyward Sword will once again be prominently featured. Also just like 2010, we know of a bunch of titles that will be at the show: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Super Mario 3D,  just to name a few. Arguably, those titles alone would be enough to say that Nintendo had a successful E3.

Yet that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re a gamer, chances are that you have at least some interest in Project Cafe. Not everyone will be planning on purchasing it day one. But surely it piques one’s curiosity at least somewhat. After all, new hardware always receives attention.

Also, I’m starting a new “That One” thing called “That One Roundtable”! Think of it as a sort of podcast, but more focused and a little bit shorter, released whenever there’s something to talk about. Look forward to seeing these get better and better as time goes on!

That One Roundtable – E3 2011 Predictions:

If you watched the latest episode of ‘That One Show’, you know that our new friends at Rocketfish gaming accessories have offered to give all you cool cats some free stuff, so I said I’d do it, but only if I could challenge all of you to a test first. After much coercion, they agreed that I could test you, as long as it didn’t permanently damage you in any way.

Despite my disappointment at the above prerequisite for my plan, I decided I’d just put your Nintendo knowledge on the stand with a little question. All you gotta do is answer it either in the comments, via YouTube, via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc (as long as I see it), and then if you get it right, you’ll be put in a random selection to win one of these:

We have a total of five to give away, but I’m only giving away two this week. Here’s your question:

Nintendo is soon to release a line of “Nintendo Select” titles for the Wii that will offer some of the best titles on the system, including Twilight Princess and WarioWare, for just $20. Before the Wii, what did Nintendo call it when they rereleased games at lower prices, such as The Legend Of Zelda Four Swords Adventure on Gamecube? For bonus points, name the first game system to ever use this idea of rereleasing games.

If you win, we’ll e-mail you. The only rule I can think of is that you (unfortunately) have to live inside the United States to receive one. Sorry, international crowd! We love and respect you, but shipping costs are ridiiiiculous.

Game Info
System: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Flight Thing (Simulation?)
Players: 1
Release Date: March 27th, 2011
Developer: Monster Games
Publisher: Nintendo

I admit, I’ve never used a poorly-worded catch phrase as the title to a review before. Other sites seem to do this endlessly, (“Can Zelda slash its way to victory?”, “Will Mario need steroids for his latest sports title?”) yet I’ve never found it to be quite in my taste. For some reason this week I’m feeling different, because (as you can see) there is a magnificent use of puns in the title of this review, if only to allow myself a very easy segue. “How?”, you ask? It’s simple: PilotWings: Resort is not a crash landing, but it’s also no cruise-level flyer.

When I begrudgingly lugged myself down to one of my local GameStops to finally trade in some old Wii games for PilotWings: Resort, I was a little bit… erm… “miffed”. I mean, after all the hype we had seen surrounding the launch of Nintendo’s new handheld, there really wasn’t much to be had in terms of launch titles. Sure, Nintendo had Steel Diver, PilotWings, and some game about animals (elephants, if I recall), but aside from one or two select games, nothing seemed worth even a passing glance. So, needless to say, the thought of trading in 6 games for 1 wasn’t the most appealing one I had had in the last few months. Bottom line? Bleck.

Still, after a few minutes of getting everything traded (and being surprised that I got a lot more than I had expected), I made the purchase, alongside Street Fighter 4 3D, and headed back home to play them.

It’s late, because (surprise!) I had some more uploading issues. No biggie. Goodnight, folks!

MDK 2 (WiiWare)
US: May 9

It’s not a Virtual Console game, but this is a straight-up port of the weird third person shooter developed by Bioware for the PC, Dreamcast and later the PS2 back in 2000. And boy is it weird, with a cast of heroes that include a robotic, six-legged dog, a mad scientist, and a janitor. At only 1000 Nintendo points, it’s not a bad deal, and who knows — if enough people buy it, maybe we’ll eventually get an MDK 3.

CM4 contest winners!

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I have to keep this real brief, because I am way too busy today (tonight*), but I have selected out CM4 contest winners! Here’s what we’ve got:

1st Place: Jaime Berco (3 prizes)
2nd Place: Benjamin Backhand (2 prizes)
3rd Place: Christian Amaya (1 prize)

Each of you gets your choice of Wiimote covers, DSi covers, DSi XL covers, or a 3DS cover, all courtesy of our friends at CM4! 1st place selects their choices first, 2nd places second, etc etc. If you didn’t win but you’re still interested in purchasing some Catalyst accessories for Wii, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS, you can buy some at their website! Winners should e-mail me ([email protected]) so we can sort out what you’ve won! If I don’t receive an e-mail within two weeks, your prize automatically goes to some other random person on the list, so make sure you stay on top of it!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and thanks to all those folks at CM4!