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Deca Sports DS trailer

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Sports Island heads to DS

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Hudson Soft’s classic sports series comes to DS with 10 all-new events
Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH is to bring Hudson Soft’s popular Sports Island series to Nintendo DS in May 2010, with a special edition featuring 10 all-new events specifically designed for the handheld.

Sports Island DS uses a combination of the touch screen capabilities of the hardware and button use to give the player total control within its 10 events. Players can try their hand at Rugby, Table Tennis, Sepak Takraw (a version of Volleyball wherein players kick the ball as opposed to punching it), Arm Wrestling, Bobsled, Climbing, Sky-Diving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Golf, and Cheerleading.

Game Will Challenge Players to Keep With the Tempo and Rediscover the Pulse of Beat City

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Jan 12, 2010 – THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) today announced that Beat CityTM is currently in development exclusively for Nintendo DSTM. An easy to pick-up and play game featuring 20 colorful mini-games, Beat City will be available spring 2010, and combines stylistic and fun rhythm-based games with a story of revolution and love.

In Beat City, players must find their rhythm in order to restore Beat City to the vibrant, melodious city it once was. Using the stylus, players simply tap, swipe or hold on queue to the music’s beat in order to receive a high star rating within each mini-game. While players are tapping to the beat, they can watch the city transform right before their eyes ridding the city of Dame Isolde Minor and her Cacophony Corporation, who bring nothing but monotony. The better a player is at keeping the beat the more items are unlocked in the environment.

We already know that Inazuma Eleven is heading to Europe sometime this year. But unfortunately, there hasn’t been much news regarding a North American release.

The good news is that Level-5 recently filed a trademark for the franchise in the United States, which mentions “video game discs.” While nothing is confirmed at this point, the trademark may indicate that the game will launch in North America sometime in the near future. Hopefully we’ll hear something from Level-5 or another company soon.


12 January 2010 – For more than a decade, millions of Pokémon fans around the world have enjoyed training their Pokémon within their video games. The March 26 release of the Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version games for the Nintendo DS & Nintendo DSi heralds the beginning of a major new development for the Pokémon world, as players across Europe continue that training in the real world, simply by going for a walk.

Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version will allow you, the player, to interact with your Pokémon beyond the realm of the main game itself! The brand new Pokéwalker accessory is a pedometer that is exclusively packaged with and only for Pokémon HeartGold Version and Pokémon SoulSilver Version. It works with the game through an infrared connection and allows you to transfer any one of your Pokémon from one of the two games to the Pokéwalker and thus continue the adventure in the real world.

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fans of Nintendo’s fashion-themed Style Savvy™ game for the Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™ systems will have access to some hot new designs this year, thanks to an expanded partnership between Nintendo and renowned entertainment icon Beyoncé. Style Savvy players with broadband Internet access will soon be able to download five designs from the real-life Deréon clothing line co-created by Beyoncé and her mother, designer Tina Knowles. As managers of their own virtual boutiques, players can incorporate these chic Deréon fashions as they create one-of-a-kind looks for their in-game clientele.

“Style Savvy is all about creativity and fashion, both of which are really important to me,” says Beyoncé. “I love that I get to become a stylist and take over my own boutique, and it’s so much fun to see some of my Deréon designs added to the mix.”

Nintendo being lazy

– Peer not sure why so many people are getting upset
– Peer wishes you could play New Super Mario Bros. Wii online, sort of lazy/not caring, people are defending it
– Wario Land: Shake It! ran in 4:3 and people were defending that as well
– People are accepting flaws because they are Nintendo
– Sam understands fans who are defending Nintendo
– Nintendo didn’t really upgrade much with Animal Crossing
– The podcast members still feel that Mario Bros. Wii is an amazing game
– Nintendo spends a lot of time making sure a level in Mario is great and making sure you’re not waiting
– Wii is a disc-based system, never notice anything is loading
– Craig thinks Nintendo is starting to get in the habit of rehashing old stuff
– Nintendo has reinvented their franchise in the past, so Peer says you have to forgive the podcast crew for being a little disappointed
– Peer thinks Galaxy 2 will be a safe sequel, which is fine, but if it happens 3 more times, then you start getting disappointed
– Peer wasn’t disappointed that Mario Bros. Wii was like the DS game or anything like that, it’s more about the lack of progress
– The way Nintendo envisions themselves, they don’t go to the same lengths as others do to impress people
– Craig thinks Nintendo will remove GameCube support from the next Wii
– Have to give Wii credit since it has changed video games, Nintendo has innovated in that regard

Wedbush Morgan:

Wii – 3,200,000
PS3 – 1,400,000
Xbox 360 – 1,350,000
PS2 – 350,000
PSP – 650,000
DS – 2,450,000


Wii – 3,000,000
PS3 – 1,450,000
Xbox 360 – 1,490,000
PS2 – 350,000
PSP – 350,000
DS – 2,800,000



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – 301 blocks
Chronos Twins DX – 276 blocks
ShadowPlay – 191 blocks


Shanghai II: Dragon’s Eye – 24 blocks


Word Searcher – 39 blocks
Jazzy Billiards – 30 blocks
Touch Solitaire – 5 blocks


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