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“Yes, the DSi has more RAM than the DS Lite. In addition, with integrated Opera coming with the DSi, it will use RAM more efficiently.” – Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera CEO

This should pretty much imply that the new browser on the DSi will run smoother and might include more complex features than in the first version of Opera (the cart iteration). The question is, will new DSi titles be able to benefit from the added RAM?


“Little King’s Story has been in development for a long time, and within that time we’ve added and deleted a lot of ideas to make it the game we have today. I would love to continue the concept and make it into a series, but to be able to do that I need the people of the world to purchase and enjoy this game first to ensure there’s interest out there.” – Yasuhiro Wada, executive producer on Little King’s Story

If you ask me, Little King’s Story would do great as a series. The game is looking very promising, though people actually need to go out and buy the title. Right now, I’m just hoping that this game won’t meet the same fate as Okami has!


“Via the DSi Shop you will be able to download games and we don’t have anything to announce yet in terms of demos, but I’d be pretty surprised if we didn’t go that route. It seems like something that would be pretty easy to pull off and pretty useful.” – Charlie Scibetta, Senior Director of Corporate Communications of Nintendo of America

“The DSi is backwards compatible to the DS and DS Lite, we don’t have anything to announce in regards to past libraries or catalogues of games coming to the DSi Shop channel. I don’t have a lot of details about what is going to be available in the DSi Shop channel, but when it comes out next year we’ll have much more details on what you can check out.” – Charlie Scibetta, Senior Director of Corporate Communications of Nintendo of America

Scibetta also mentioned that Nintendo iss aware of “the desire” to see a new Kid Icarus game and they are “definitely thinking about it.” Still, the company has nothing to announce at this time.


New Mushroom Men footage

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“Umm, I’ll say it was exciting but I can’t tell you what it was. Because I looked around and basically, I said to my boss, ‘Really? Are you serious?!’ and he said ‘Yeah, I’m not kidding.’ So, I’m like ‘oooookay!’ [laughs] So I started doing…something. Something exciting and something unexpected — something completely unexpected.” – JC Rodrigo, Nintendo of America Treehouse

So, I suppose this means that Nintendo didn’t reveal all of their cards at their media summit this week. I’m not too sure what the game is, since there are literally tons of possible games Rodridgo was referring to!


If the latest rumors are to be believed, both Capcom and SEGA will reveal SEGA vs. Capcom: Great Clash Generation for the DS at TGS. The game would based as a “hybrid RPG-fighting game” with a release date scheduled for Q1 2009. The rumors also explain that SEGA would be the main developer alongside Dimps, with Capcom acting as a supervisor. The character roster is apparently unknown, though Mega Man and Sonic are expected to make an appearance. TGS begins this Thursday, so we’ll know if this rumor holds any weight soon enough.

Non-Playable games

Famicom Game Adapter
Guitar Hero On Tour
Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades
Face Training / Otona no DS Kao Training
Love and Berry
Mein Vital Coach / My Health Coach
Nintendo MP3 Player
Slide Adventure: Mag Kid
Tony Hawk’s Motion

Slight restrictions (Mainly rumble pak)

Clubhouse Games
Arkanoid DS
Daigasso! Band Brothers
Hote Dusk
Magnetica / Actionloop
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
Metroid Prime Hunters
Metroid Prime Pinball
Pokémon Dash
Pokémon Diamond/Platinum/Pearl
Project Rub / Feel the Magic XX/XY
Space Invaders Extreme
Star Fox Command